“Delinquents”: unparalleled thieves

“Delinquents”: unparalleled thieves

Argentina’s selection for 96H The Academy Awards ceremony will be held on March 10 for the film Delinquent Rodrigo Moreno is reminiscent of many works, but in the end it is unlike anything else.

Moran (Daniel Elias) is an unnamed bank employee. His work is ordinary, if not boring, his days punctuated by cigarette breaks between two problems that must be solved with all the seriousness befitting his role – on that day, it is a dark story of two agents with the same signature. Moran then calculated the exact amount, $469,800, that he would steal from the organization’s safe, in full view of the surveillance cameras.

But why $469,800? This is double the salary he would have received from working until retirement. Another simple calculation is that if he went to the police – without returning the money – a three-and-a-half year prison sentence would be very profitable. All he needs is an accomplice to hide the sports bag containing the tickets, and that is his colleague Roman (Esteban Bigliardi).

As in all good bank robbery stories, the criminals must face all kinds of unexpected conditions and circumstances Delinquent Respect this agreement to the letter. But that’s it. Because the unexpected is not a usual thing, and director and screenwriter Rodrigo Moreno enjoys shaking up the genre and making the viewer go crazy, all wrapped up in deliberately absurd deadpan humor and, above all, without any suspense or adrenaline rush. Only Astor Piazzolla’s tango punctuates this funny film that we quickly become attached to.

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Its duration is 180 minutes – the equivalent of three episodes of the series House of cardsThis excellent series that we associate with, first because of the Spanish language, then because of the precision of the production -, Delinquent This is done in detail, sometimes to the point of indigestion. But patients will be rewarded…as in life in the end.

the film Delinquent It hits theaters on November 3.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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