It is no longer the first Portuguese daily to believe in Cristiano Ronaldo and list his mistakes

While he was going through a complicated start to the season at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo had the opportunity to find a smile with Portugal during this international break. But the Portuguese striker could have quickly left his partners against the Czech Republic on Saturday, in the League of Nations, After an aerial clash with goalkeeper Thomas Vaclic after only 12 minutes of play.

Fear more than harm Cristiano Ronaldo He didn’t have a great match after that, and that can also be understood given the clash.

But for the first Portuguese daily, in PulaCR7 hasn’t been the choice solution for a while and it’s explained in A.

“Volume and target ratio dropped, Bruno Fernandes took the lead…”

This Monday, the front page of in Pula He hurts the five-time Ballon d’Or and the five-time Champions League winner. In fact, Daily sports themed “Less Ronaldo, more Portugal”With a picture of the star and his arms in the air, lost, unresolved with a face that speaks volumes … But that’s not all, the newspaper has prepared a list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s negative points at the moment with his choice. Here we see the following points: “The volume went down, the target ratio went down, Bruno Fernandez took the lead….”

Ronaldo is not at the top of his fitness and these words won’t lift his spirits, but the Manchester United player is a great competitor and he will want to show the world that he’s still under his feet.

That’s fine, the World Cup starts in less than two months, a golden opportunity for him to silence his critics…

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Internet users interact

on social networks, Netizens collectively commented on the front page of in Pula And the treatment directed at Cristiano Ronaldo. And so we can read on Twitter in particular:

  • “Ronaldo is rejected by his club and country mdrrr…”
  • “No football fan can tolerate this…”
  • “This is the truth, but currently all attackers are better than him…”
  • “The problem does not come from CR7 but from other players who have been hiding behind him throughout their careers. He always carried all the teams where he was, the guys just don’t take their responsibilities. No striker can last 20 years at the top without his so-called ‘ego’…
  • “Cr7 is no longer in the game and everyone knows it but in 20 minutes he can hit you with a shot from 30 meters a full hole or a free kick he remains one of the best players…”

Santos fault

Despite his team’s dominance in the Czech Republic, Portugal coach Fernando Santos was clearly not in great shape at the end of the match.

In fact, He forgot he had defender Thiago Diallo on the bench When Danilo Pereira was substituted for Joao Mario, which resulted in Joao Balenha falling in defense. “I’ve already apologized to Tiago.”He said at a press conference.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he is going through a bad patch but nevertheless announced that he wants to continue until the next Euro 2024.

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