Defending Ukraine is not a “vital” interest for Trump and Diantis

Defending Ukraine is not a “vital” interest for Trump and Diantis

(WASHINGTON) Both Donald Trump and his potential rival for the Republican nomination, Ron DeSantis, have claimed that defending Ukraine is not among the “vital interests” of the United States, according to a survey released Monday night.

“We cannot put our commitment to a war abroad faltering before the defense of our homeland,” Ron DeSantis, 44 and rising star of the American alt-right, ruled on Fox News.

This is the first time that a Florida governor, whose presidential nomination in 2024 is eagerly awaited among Republicans, has taken a concrete stance on the conflict.

The United States has many vital interests, such as maintaining the security of our borders […]But further delving into a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not among them.

The governor also sharply criticized the position adopted by the Biden administration in this war, believing that there is no question of writing “blank checks” to Kiev.

Former President Donald Trump, who also responded to a Fox News survey, emphasized, for his part, that this conflict would never have happened if he had been in power.

“If I were president, this terrible war would be over in 24 hours or less,” he said.

The former tenant of the White House also called on Brussels to “strengthen its financial assistance” to Kiev, believing that, unlike the United States, opposing Russia is part of its strategic interests.

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