Dead or withdrawn Ukrainian forces: what’s going on with the Quebec sniper Wally?

Dead or withdrawn Ukrainian forces: what’s going on with the Quebec sniper Wally?

What happens with the Quebec sniper Wally who left to fight in Ukraine earlier this month? After rumors of his death, it appears that the “world’s greatest sniper” may have been removed from the brigade he fought in instead.

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said the officer in charge of the Normandy brigade, which Wally claims to own, joined.

His statements were published on the latter’s Facebook page.

The two men will be friends. Wally was joining the brigade at his request, in order to protect the Ukrainians from Russian soldiers.

The Ukrainians were specifically asking for snipers. We cannot say in our time that this is not our problem, because these are conflicts between forces. “It always ends up affecting us,” he explained before leaving.

But Wally will now be so preoccupied with prestige and media recognition that he may become a “mission hazard,” but also to the safety of others.

“We love the Wali from the bottom of our hearts because he is a friend first and foremost. Until proven otherwise, he is healthy and well,” according to the Norman Brigade’s Facebook post.

Earlier this week, rumors spread about Wally’s murder in Mariupol 20 minutes after it was posted.

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The information was denied on the governor’s Facebook page, Torch and sword – torch and sword.

“Don’t worry about my safety. I’m already far from the base that was bombed yesterday. I was already there, but for a while,” he said.

Wali, a former soldier, sniper and father, went to Iraq voluntarily in 2015.

In recent years, he has stirred controversy, particularly by listing without filtering everything he would have experienced in the introduction.

With information from Kariane Bourassa

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