Windows 11, KB5022913 improves performance when copying files

Improved performance on Windows 11. File copying speeds up after installing the latest Moment 2 update.

Windows 11 22H2 users are victims of a funny problem. For several months it has been reported that the operating system shows vulnerabilities when copying files. It is clear that the performance is not on time. It has been reported many times that transferring large files is slow.

This “painful” experience was observed after moving to Windows 11 22H2. The drop in flow rates can be significant with multiples of times in two. For a few weeks now, Microsoft is introducing a fix. It is available through the Windows Insider Program. The company wants to make sure it works well in order to roll it out more widely. The first step is being taken as it is part of the Moment 2 update.

At least that’s what the many comments from affected users suggest. Microsoft’s Ned Pyle has confirmed that the patch will be released through a so-called monthly update. This must be understood in the context of Patch Tuesday.

The final patch for Windows 11 PC 22H2 will come in a regular monthly cumulative update via Windows Update once the Insider Builds are committed.

So it is part of Moment 2 update also known as KB5022913. It is currently optional. You have to go to Windows Update to start downloading and installing it. KB5022913 will be automatically deployed in a few days during the next patch Tuesday (March 2023).

Note that Redmond also patched other serious problems for a few weeks. The latest on performance issues in games and timely deactivation of the print service.

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