Results for the 2022/2023 season

Results for the 2022/2023 season

After several months of competition, the 2022/2023 season ended with a final weekend at the regional level. So it’s time to take stock, between joy for some who will develop to the next level next season and last-minute disappointment for others who missed out on the wire or who couldn’t avoid relegation.

National 3: Final Station, everyone get off!

After playing with fire for several, AC Amiens He ended up going over it with a touchdown axe. But the start to the season wasn’t too bad for Azzouz Hamdan’s men, who were victorious in three of their first six matches. Except that the machine quickly jammed with 11 consecutive defeats between the end of October and the middle of March. An expensive ride in the race to maintain, which largely explains the 12th-place finish. And if Azouz Hamdan chooses to continue his mission, then this 2022/2023 season marks the real end of the Amiens tournament.

For the first season of her history at National 3, ESC Longueu She went through a little ordeal. After the initial eleven defeats, Christoph Hack’s formation was overtaken by a real internal crisis with departures with losses and quarrels of some executives, starting with captain Ludovic Demitz. In this tense climate, the leaders chose to withdraw into themselves and reduce their contacts to a minimum. On the field Longueau wasn’t always so ridiculous, but he still finished the season with 20 defeats in 26 matches. It is enough to trigger a simple return to the sender.

This is the big tile for this season. If the first month of competition foreshadows the worst, back up Amiens sc He gave the feeling he had found his cruising pace during the first leg of the National 3. But the departures of the executives and the use of some young players in the first team (Outara, Ilinikhina) ended up upsetting the already fragile collective balance. By losing against Chantilly and LOSC reserves, two direct rivals for the maintenance, in the last straight, the Amiens reservists missed their chance.

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Getting off: AC Amiens, Amiens SC (b), ESC Longueau

Regional 1: Kamon didn’t make the weight

candidate for climbing for several seasons, United States Camon It is overridden by the fact that the team is too weak to play anything other than maintenance. Extremely weak defensively (note: 37 goals conceded in 21 games), despite the return of Maxim Gosse, Kamunu lost 13 games over the course of the entire season. At the end of the cycle, Titi Buengo never managed to recover a situation that was bad even before the start of the season, due to falling out with some executives, pushed to the reserve team and then reused sparingly according to the poor results. Logically speaking, Camon will return to the regional level 2 with Frédéric Bornouvel, who until now has been coaching … the reserve team.

Descend: American Camon

Regional 2: Portuguese Amiens hits hard!

He leads his championship almost from start to finish, Portuguese Amiens Live up to the expectations raised by the summer recruitment. If there were a few snags, like this defeat at Chevrières or this loss at home against Abbeville, Benoît Sturbois’ men have steered their boat well by not tying two counter performances before formalizing his rise to the top level. Champion of his 2 regional group, the Portuguese Amiens will now have to pass a real milestone in order not to be satisfied with a lift.

valuable but perhaps too limited, Eli sur sum He was unable to withdraw from the game in a particularly dense group A of the Regional 2. However, Pierre-Alain Lavillet returned along the way trying to restore a difficult situation after the departure of Jean-Charles Sauving. The addition of Ludovic Demitz during the season wouldn’t be enough to make for an interesting squad, but he’s certainly too young to raise the bar with squads that run at this level of competition.

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Ascended: Portuguese Amiens

Descend: Elle sur Somme

Regional 3: RC Amiens Avenged!

A year after losing the climb on the wire, he got up RC Amiens He took his revenge by winning the cup on the last day, beating Reserves AC Amiens. Returning from Satan Vauvert, after a difficult start to the season, the team coached by Karim Hamdan almost made a surprise by defeating everyone at the post. Finally, it will be Nicolas Coffin’s team that will find Regional 2 next season. Promoted to Regional Level 3, US Camon (B) It was a very honorable season, punctuated by a top five finish in his Group B.

Boarded: RC Amiens

They stayed: Amiens (B), United States Camon (B)

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