CroisiEurope review: Everything you need to know before booking a cruise

CroisiEurope review: Everything you need to know before booking a cruise

CroisiEurope boats are elegant and refined. The interior spaces are decorated with charm. There are spacious lounges, fine restaurants and friendly bars, where travelers can relax and enjoy moments of simplicity. The cabins are designed for comfort and privacy, with modern amenities and attention to detail.

Among the most emblematic ships in Cruise Europe’s fleet is the MS Symphonie, an elegant vessel that sails the waters of the Rhine and Danube. With its comfortable cabins, panoramic deck and beautifully appointed common areas, MS Symphonie offers an unforgettable luxury cruising experience.

MS Beethoven is another CroisiEurope flagship, navigating the waterways of France and Central Europe. With its modern design and elegant décor, MS Beethoven offers travelers a stylish place to stay, with quality facilities and a friendly atmosphere.

CroisiEurope’s ships also include smaller boats, such as the MS Botticelli, which sails the Seine, or the MS Miguel Torga, which travels the rivers of Portugal. These intimate ships allow passengers to enjoy a warm atmosphere and personalized service, while discovering unique destinations.

CroisiEurope not only offers river cruises, but also cruises on ships such as La Belle de l’Adriatique, which offers an elegant and refined Mediterranean cruise experience. Although this ship is much larger than those that travel the rivers of Europe, it is much narrower than some cruise ships. On board, only 197 people can board, providing an intimate atmosphere. The cabins on the upper deck and on the boat deck have large bay windows, while the cabins on the main deck and lower deck have portholes.

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