“Children have fun. And it’s not just them.”

Wines from Michel Gonet’s vineyard and cuisines from around the world shrug shoulders over the two days. Arnaud Bagbonon, director of the food truck Les Saveurs de Mamou, fits this spirit with his traditional dishes from across the African continent. He mixes ingredients from several countries to create a redesigned kitchen inspired by his mother. His presence at the event, he explains by his desire to taste his dishes. “I like to show my kitchen. »

Arnaud Bagbonnon was inspired by his mother’s cooking and renamed his food truck afterwards.

Clouds Bonod / “Southwest”

Burgers and good mood

African, Italian and Portuguese cuisine and burgers. “Good food, good wine,” explains Lucile Broutin, project manager for event organizer Divenba, the DNA of the Bordeaux Food Truck Festival. He insists on the spirit of “candor and good language”.

For this family of Pessac, sitting around a barrel in front of their burgers, the process seemed to make its magic. Catherine, who is coming for the first time, attests: “The setting lends itself well to the event. The kids are enjoying themselves. And not just them. Traces of ketchup around Hugo’s smiling little mouth seem to confirm his satiated appetite.”

A little later, three friends from Greece, Portugal and Italy stood on the grass, devouring their own hamburger. “Really good food and good atmosphere. Polluted atmosphere with technical and electrical problems that led to a long wait for some customers.

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