Videos: Drunk woman causing havoc on Disney cruise

Videos: Drunk woman causing havoc on Disney cruise

A drunk woman caused chaos during a ride at Epcot Park in Disney, Florida, after she left her seat in the middle of the ride while shouting at the families in attendance.

Adults can be heard shouting through the din at the apparently drunk woman standing on one of the emergency exits at the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction. The Independent Wednesday.

In two videos shared on TikTok by a witness to the scene, one of which reached more than 1.9 million views in five days, the woman can be seen screaming at families seated at the attraction, while children cry and scream in the scuffle.

At one point, the staff can be seen trying to stop the woman from leaving the ride, knocking at her that “she can’t leave the station now”, before the crippler jumps the barrier and leaves the attraction.

She was screaming, and tried to fight with the people behind her in the boat. […] She scared the kids and pissed everyone off. then [elle] The witness, who shared the photos on TikTok, said:

The 37-year-old then began her journey again, this time on the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster line, before being picked up by security, according to the county sheriff’s office. The Independent.

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