Hive social network, popular with netizens leaving Twitter

Hive social network, popular with netizens leaving Twitter

The app just hit 2 million registrations, according to Business interested, and has become one of the most downloaded programs on the App Store, even surpassing TikTok. in Canada on Tuesday evening, winter It was most popular on Twitter.

Hive, which launched in 2019, is led by a small team of three people, including its founder, Cassandra. Raluca Bob, who is only 24 years old.

How is it different from Twitter? It is completely mobile and the news feed is chronological, so it does not depend on any algorithm that selects posts according to the interests of each Internet user. Therefore the feed only follows the order in which the content was posted online.

Internet users can follow other accounts and post polls, videos, photos and messages. It is also possible to repost (retweet) the content on your personal account or add the like.

Hive is registered using an email address, phone number, or through a Google or Apple account. The profile can be customized with a colorful theme and even a song.

We have truly created and maintained a safe and healthy community. If you connect to the app, you will really feel relaxed and comfortableRaluca Pope said Business interested.

Does it live up to Twitter?

However, the company’s small size plays against it. Several shortcomings have been discovered in recent days, including issues related to server or account configuration, especially on a device running the Android operating system.

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People have also reported seeing a large number of accounts with the same username, with @elommusk being particularly popular. Therefore identity theft is a risk for Hive.

Moderation is also absent from the social network at the moment, but the founder said Business interested which were intended to be repaired priority By combining human intervention and algorithm.

Hive is only available on mobile (Android and iOS) for now, but a website will be launching soon.

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