Find out what’s new in September on Amazon Prime Video!

Find out what’s new in September on Amazon Prime Video!
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September is fast approaching and series and movie lovers will be able to enjoy their time. And this is with the new features offered by Amazon Prime Video. In fact, the e-commerce giant’s live streaming platform offers a diverse and rich catalog, with original products.

It offers adaptations of bestselling novels and spin-offs of cult franchises. Here is a selection of five titles not to be missed on Amazon Prime Video this September.

Sentinelle, a French-made police comedy and solid gold talent as Nicolas Cage plays his own parody on Amazon Prime Video

If you like quirky humor and quirky investigations, you’ll love Sentinelle, the new French series from Amazon Prime Video. In fact, this comedy starring François Sentinel, A cop lives a double life. During the day, he hunts down criminals in a reunion. And by night he transforms into a charming singer under the stage name Lou Kiki.

After achieving success with his eponymous song, François Sentinel tries to reconnect with glory. Meanwhile, he faces a wave of violent crimes rocking the island. Sentinel shoes are worn by Jonathan Cohen, who embody this brilliantly colorful character. The series consists of eight 26-minute episodes and is available from September 8 on Amazon Prime Video.

Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood’s most unpredictable actors. He’s already starred in cult films like Flip-Face, Leaving Las Vegas, or even Ghost Rider. But also in supposed Nanars such as dangerous Bangkok or predictions. In solid gold talent, He makes fun of himself playing Nikki. He is a former actor who agrees to take part in the birthday party of a Mexican billionaire who admires his films.

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But he will quickly realize that his host is not as friendly as he claims. And so he’ll have to re-play his greatest roles to save his own skin. A Talent in Solid Gold is a crazy action comedy It pays tribute to Nicolas Cage’s career with plenty of humor and self-irony. Directed by Tom Gormican, the film stars Pedro Pascal, Tiffany Haddish, and Neil Patrick Harris. It will be available September 29th on Amazon Prime Video.

The Wheel of Time: Epic Fantasy and Continental: A spin-off of the famous John Wick saga

The Wheel of Time is one of Amazon Prime Video’s flagship series. adaptation Novels of the same name by Robert JordanIt tells the story of a group of young people. The latter will find themselves drawn into an epic quest to save the world from darkness. In a medieval fantasy world inhabited by magical creatures, prophecies, and conspiracies, they will discover that they are connected to an ancient legend.

It could change the course of history. The Wheel of Time could have been done with an international crew, in particular Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henie, or Zoe Robbins. The series returns for a second season beginning September 1 on Amazon Prime Video, with a new episode each week.

John Wick is one of the most popular action series in cinema today. Worn by Keanu Reeves, it shows a professional killer who must confront members of an international criminal organization, after he breaks the rules of the environment. Among these rules, there are continental rules, A hotel that serves as a neutral refuge for killers from around the world. Thus Hotel Continental is an Amazon Prime Video series that explores the origins and secrets of this legendary hotel dating back to the 1970s.

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We follow a young Winston Scott, who finds himself immersed in the hotel underworld. After that, you will try to control it. Albert Hughes and Charlotte Brandstrom are directing The Continental and serving as cast members. Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, or even Jeremy Pope. The series consists of three 90-minute episodes, and will be broadcast from September 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

Scarlet Maid: The Revolution Goes On is available on Amazon Prime Video

The Scarlet Handmaiden is one of the most influential and chilling Amazon Prime Video series in recent years. Indeed, suitable From the novel by Margaret AtwoodShe describes a dystopian future where women are reduced to slavery. This happens in a totalitarian and patriarchal society. Among them, there is Jun, a maid who has to act as a surrogate mother for two senior commanders.

But Jun did not give up her freedom and her family, and she will fight to overthrow the system. Elisabeth Moss The Scarlet Maid Collection Which performs brilliantly in the month of June. The series returns for a fifth season, starting September 15th on Amazon Prime Video, with a new episode each week.

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