Business travel is (re)popular in 2022

Business travel is (re)popular in 2022

There is another feature that should be highlighted in this report: Reopening China boosts global tourism and the Asia Pacific region.

Economies in the Asia-Pacific region could be the first to benefit from reopening China, Due to its close connection with international trade, tourism and geographical proximity.

Many European countries should benefit from reopening, including Germany and France. In addition, Brazil could see an increase in its exports to China, thanks to the recovery in the economy.

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On the other hand, “Travelers take new pathsThe report says, starting with Adventure beyond homein new locations.

So, France will be one of the favorite destinations for travelers from Europe, the Middle East and AfricaWhile Germany and Spain are becoming increasingly popular with travelers from Latin America, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are becoming popular destinations for travelers from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

United States of AmericaPreviously ranked fifth in the ranking of European travelers’ favorite destinations in 2022, it has now climbed to fourth place.

These findings show how travelers increasingly want to explore the other side of the Atlantic. Traditionally tourism-oriented European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, could disproportionately benefit from a rebound in tourist arrivals from around the world.continues the MasterCard Institute for Economics.

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