Brexit is poised to become a reality – after Britain’s insane final push to the finish line

Brexit is poised to become a reality - after Britain's insane final push to the finish line

The legislation was then transferred to the House of Lords, where it was approved late Wednesday night, and it finally received royal approval from Queen Elizabeth II after midnight.

Is called legislation European Union Bill (future relationship), Which is an 80-page version of the Post-Brexit trade and security deal Approved on Christmas Eve, it is 1,246 pages. Few non-experts have read this composition, as most of them relied on the various cheat sheets traded that summarize the deal in a few columns to evaluate the “gains” and “losses” of both sides.

On Wednesday morning, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen signed the document in Brussels before transporting it on board a Royal Air Force plane for delivery to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“It was a long road. Now is the time to put Brexit behind us.” Von der Leyen tweeted, “Our future is made in Europe.” With a picture Her contract contract. The EU Legislative Council in Brussels will also need to vote on the deal, but will do so in the new year after supporting it “temporarily” for now.

Wednesday’s flurry of developments marked a shift from the rancor that had filled Westminster Palace for so long over the Brexit crisis, when conservative rebels in the House of Commons attacked their Prime Minister, Theresa May, who was eventually expelled from 10 Downing Street.

In quick order, lawmakers discussed – the speeches – via the video link from their homes, as most of Britain is in strict lockdown from Level 4 due to a mutated variant of Corona Virus Get out of control here, which threatens Ambulance services are overwhelmedHospitals and intensive care units.

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On Wednesday, Britain recorded 981 deaths, the highest number since April, and 50,023 new cases of coronavirus.

Speaking to the mostly empty House of Commons, Johnson said that with the advent of Brexit on New Year’s Day, Britain will open a new chapter in our national story, strike free trade deals around the world and reassert a global Britain as a nation. A liberal external force for good. “

Kerr Starmer, leader of the Labor Party, described the deal as weak and flawed and worried loudly that it would result in companies facing “a flood of checks”

But Starmer said the Labor Party supported the legislation because it had no other choice. He said it was a binary option, and it’s way better than leaving the block unchallenged.

Additionally, he added, “There is no better deal coming in the next 24 hours.”

Some Labor lawmakers defied their leadership and either abstained or voted against the bill.

Rebecca Long Bailey, a former contender for the Labor leadership, said the trade deal would cause its voters “great difficulties”. She complained that “the little time allotted by the government to discuss it today violates democratic accountability.”

Members of Parliament from the Scottish National Party, which supports the independence of Scotland, where the majority of voters opposed Brexit, described the new trade and security agreement with the minimum conditions.

“I refuse to vote for this steamy cup of feces that the UK government is giving us,” said Kirsty Blackman, a Scottish National Party Representative.

Over a period of nine months, negotiators from both sides reached the deal, under which there would be neither tariffs nor quotas for goods traded between the European Union and Britain. But it is also a narrow bargain that does not cover financial services, such as banking, insurance and investment, that propel the British economy and consider its most profitable exports.

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This is a much cleaner break, or a “harder” Brexit, even from those pro-Brexit campaigners who participated in their campaign during the 2016 referendum.

Britain will leave the Single Market and the Customs Union, and Freedom of movement Enjoy it both sides will end. The Europeans or the British will no longer be able to cross each other’s borders, to live and work as if there were no borders.

All eyes are now on the port cities amid growing fears that traffic could be disrupted as drivers transporting goods to and from this island nation will suddenly face more inspections and red tape.

The Land Transportation Association, a trade group, estimated that 220 million new forms will have to be filled next year due to the changes.

“It’s an enormous logistical nightmare for companies,” said Rod Mackenzie, the organization’s managing director of policy and public affairs. “If you made widgets in Newcastle and exported them to Germany, you’ve so far loaded them into the truck and left. But starting January 1, you’ll have to fill in a massive amount of cumbersome and complicated paperwork.”

Those with strong ties between Britain and the European Union, who suddenly need visas, work permits, passports and papers, will be shocked even more acutely.

In 2016, the British stunned the world by voting to leave the European Union, the first country to leave the then 28-member bloc. The vote for Brexit ended the lives of two Conservative prime ministers, David Cameron and May.

The latter stood in parliament on Wednesday and said she would vote in favor of the legislation but was disappointed that it did not cover services that negotiations were continuing on.

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“We have a deal in trade that benefits the European Union but not a deal in services that would have benefited the United Kingdom,” said May.

Johnson, who replaced her, said the deal was “a solution to the old, tiresome and troubling question of Britain’s political relations with Europe, which spoiled our post-war history. First we stood aloof, then we became a half-hearted, and sometimes disruptive member of the European Union”

But he said, with the new arrangement, Britain would become a “friendly neighbor” and “the best friend and ally the European Union can have”.

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