Braga takes the first step towards the group stage

Braga takes the first step towards the group stage

The Portuguese team, Braga, achieved, this evening, Wednesday, a difficult victory over the Greek Panathinaikos, in the first leg of the European Champions League.

SC Braga won the first round. Less than a week after the final verdict was handed down in this Champions League qualifier, the Portuguese managed to take the lead in this double encounter against Panathinaikos, but he still has to remain very alert ahead of the second act.

Braga wins at home

Acquired now, SC Braga’s victory took a long time to form. They scrambled in front of the crowd during the first period, menArthur Georgie He had to wait until the second half to score the first goal through an untenable goal Abel Ruiz.

During the second period, which was much better controlled than the first, the Portuguese managed to break through a cleverly negotiated attack, which ended with a powerful kick from the goal. Alvaro Gallo.

And while we were heading for a quiet beat of Arsenalista From Braga player Pana Daniel Mancini The Portuguese national team took advantage of a moment of hesitation in the Portuguese defense to reduce the difference in stoppage time.

Everything must be done

SC Braga players still have a long way to go. If they manage to emerge victorious from this first duel (2-1), menArthur Georgie They will certainly have to get a positive result next week on Greek soil, to secure a valuable Champions League group stage qualification.

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A task that is expected to be far from clear, especially since the Portuguese club is likely to be deprived of one of its top players, a personMisurati. The Libyan midfielder will be absent due to injury on Wednesday, and could mark the absence of a heavyweight in the Portuguese midfield, should he have to withdraw from the second round.

See you in Greece

So everything will play out on Greece’s side. The two teams meet next Tuesday in Athens for the second leg of the qualifiers, which is expected to be full of emotions. It remains to be seen if SC Braga, the winners of this first round, will be able to confirm this success and thus continue their journey in Europe’s most prestigious competitions.

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