football. ESME denied the Crédit Mutuel Cup final

football.  ESME denied the Crédit Mutuel Cup final

Regional 3

By taking off after 45 minutes of play (0-4) in Rhinau, Motzig, who finally won 0-5 (goals of Pohl, Rifferty, Dhaba, Kinsey and Meyer) executed the correct operation in the standings. boarding from 9And in 5And The place, the Pinto-Meis duo is definitely (sportsmanlike) not out of the woods but has taken a nice step towards preserving it. Three days after the end, anything is possible in this division where Duttlenheim and Dahlenheim can still shiver.

Regional 2 female.

Big defeat for the Wolxheim girls in front of the captain Colmar (1-8).

Crédit Mutuel “Bruche-Ackerland” Cup

The disappointment must have been enormous on the part of ESME, who failed in the semi-finals at Pfettisheim (D1). After checking in at the end of the regulatory time (1-1), the locals made the difference during the penalty shootout. ESME is coming out the back door for an event that could have capped a season, all-league honors, if qualification were at the end.

For his part, (Defender 1) did not miss the step, as he won in Achenheim (R3) 4-2 with two goals from Charlier, Huber and a double from Bender. Stiloa will therefore play the final against Wetishim, on White Monday in Densheim.

District 1

Duppigheim gives himself a little air by beating the FAIG reserve team (Illkirch-Graffenstaden) in a free fall. 7And 5 days after the end, maintenance is in full swing.

District 3

In Group C, Marlenheim/Kirchheim once again threw the counterweight into a poor rating, Dingsheim (1-1).

Stroke in La Wantzenau (7-1), Romanswiller/Vassilon is going through a complicated period.

It goes well for Natzwiller, the author of a good series who emphasizes in Montagne-Verte (2-3). with 3And Placed in the key, Christoph Schepler’s men can still shoot a little higher.

Duppigheim 2 held up well against Breuschwickersheim but scored 14And Defeat (1-0).

District 4

Dangolsheim takes off after beating the Spaniards from Schiltigheim (2-5).

The match between Wolxheim and Dinsheim is scheduled for June 5.

The Mutzig 2 series ended with the Portuguese/Barembach making a stunning comeback. Bruchois celebrates 3-0 treble winnerAnd A place in Balbronn / Westhoffen, booked against Quatzenheim (1-1).

A clear win for Altorv (4-0) ahead of AS 2000.

District 5

Bad operation for Dahlenheim 2 in the derby in Bergbeten (1-1). In front of a large crowd (150 spectators), Matthew Stork’s team thought they had the three points, but the locals fought back at the end of the match to equalize. Bergbieten remains 2And With 8 points, behind FC Erno, who is two games ahead.

Dorlisheim folds in front of Meistratzheim (1-3). Stéphane Cloarec’s squad passes in front of their victim on the day he must be satisfied 3And Square.

Avulsheim came back empty-handed from his descent at Blysheim (4-0 defeat).

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