Football: Staying on track for the Portuguese

With a 3-1 win over Gamaches, the Portuguese makes Amiens a good option to keep R2.

Benoît Sturbois had applied some pressure before the match by stressing his great importance in the maintenance process. Starting with a revamped team, the Portuguese might have been a bit caught up in this problem at first because the first minutes were unconvincing. But quickly, in spite of everything, the people of Amiens took over. Initially in spurts, but with very clear chances. Launched by a pivotal pass from Sturbois, Bodyvin And so I stumbled upon Boffin’s exit (13′). Then, after a lukewarm blow from Pallier, was the only chance for visitors in this first period (14), love He was in batting position on poor head clearance from the defense but saw his shot finally deflected (16′). Then the opportunities abound. After a discount from Idez, Bodyvin He saw his strike licking the square (18 ′), then found Sturbois love In a space that, at a closed angle, does not find the netting path (20 ′).

Finally, and logically, the locals benefited. Found in the area through a brilliant aperture of a prince, Sturbois, in a duel, was able to turn the ball into Bodyvin who had to do that twice to get Boffin out of his position (1-0, 25 degrees). After some time, Da Veiga sent deep into the right flank, pinning the goalkeeper to cross powerfully towards Poidevin in front of the goal who failed to cut. But the Portuguese got a penalty for this action that was responsible for the shift da vega from Panenka (2-0, 37 degrees). And he didn’t go far from trebling when Ameur managed to open up a fantastic new opportunity for Poidevin. If the attacker exploits a favorable block to advance into the area, he can serve da vega He collapses to his left, who nonetheless saw Boffin interfering (45′ + 1). So Amiens did the work to get to the break with a break beforehand, 2-0.

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Master before the strange end of the game

The second period resumed at the same pace. Poidevin . served storboa But the latter’s strike was diverted by the janitor of Gamachoa in Vitality (48′). But after a few minutes, he couldn’t do anything in a wonderful floating stroke under a rod storboawell altered by Da Veiga (3-0, 51 degrees). This remarkable feature has not stopped the wild locals. set off deep, da vega However, I stumbled upon Bowfin (58′). In the aftermath, Da Veiga was alerted again in the area but a legal return, according to the referee, from one of the defenders, allowed the goalkeeper to seize the ball (59). Then Pollavrad found a nice reflection da vega. But after a good hook to get to the perfect position, the tire was missing (67).

While the game seemed perfectly mastered by Amiens absolutely not in danger, two turning points intervened. found on the surface, level He managed to trick Gningue with a bullet in the porthole (3-1, 73 degrees Celsius). A few moments later, it was a deep ball intended for Ballet to present himself in a duel with the Portuguese goalkeeper. But the latter was faster and intervened first. However, after hitting GnueThe attacker remained on the ground and had to get out. Then, after long minutes of slouching, he inexplicably shot the referee red Against the gatekeeper of Amiens (78 ′), which somewhat disturbs the Blue and White clan.

Demba Gningue, who was left out in a match where he took the ball before his arrival, will miss the Portuguese at the next deadline, in Miannay.

With Boulavrad in the goal The thread of the meeting was a little lost, and yet the Portuguese persisted. Only one real opportunity, but a huge one, was to credit the visitors, with a free kick Beto From the right who found the inner part of amount Opposes without going beyond the line (90′ + 1). Amiens even took advantage of one last chance before da vega But after a dribbling fest on his right side, he finally faced Boffin (90′ + 5). And so the score remained there, allowing Benoit Sturbois’ men to win a new victory, 3-16th place in 10 matches since the start of 2022.

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elegantly victorious

A coach said to himself very happyVery proud “ of his players after the match. Because after the expected victory, “Apart from the last 20 minutes, it has been done with the way. » “They stuck to the game plan and were demanding of themselves”Especially cheer up. behavior makes “If at some point we are 5 or 6 to 0, I don’t think there’s anything to say. We have face to faceWe get chances, we make them good transitionsIn the offensive animation, we’re fairly efficient. » The same positive result, and Hats off to the team block, we were fixed, present, we put the fighting spirit and at the same time we showed simplicity in the choices. »

This was what pleased Benoit Sturbois, the owner of the occasion, who had to deal with several absences, both BimAnd bubbleAnd two starsAnd Lajeet where stigma but also sissyA little short and not off the bench or even NgakusuHe was not in the team for a few weeks due to his status as an out-of-period transfer, and who did not take advantage of Njamen’s absence to join the group, injured. So, to win by providing content like this, “This proves that we have seat depth »Amiens coach.

Single big black dot,Misunderstanding about Demba’s red card. The referee says that when a player leaves due to injury, he is obligated to compensate for the red, I don’t know this regulation… Hopefully we will not be penalized for the remaining five matches. »

As for the classification, this is ‘A deserved victory’ grow “sigh of relief” to me Benoit Storboa Since it has now fallen to 8th place 7 points With 5 games left to play. If it looks so good, “In order not to be afraid to the end, I think we will have to Win at least one match », as the Portuguese coach believes. With the first chance to minynext weekend.

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FC Porto Amiens – AS Gamaches : 3-1 (2-0)

Targets: Poidevin (25′), Da Veiga (37′ sp), Sturbois (51′) for Amiens; Level (73) for Gamaches

Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Touré, Devauchelle, Idez – Ribeiro, Facquier – Da Veiga, Sturbois, Nianzou – Poidevin
Ward: Boulavrad, Ceret

Morgan Schumer
Image credit: Reynald Valleron – Gazette Sports

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