Bo Lopez can be forfeited against Reims on Sunday

Bo Lopez can be forfeited against Reims on Sunday

Hit in Bassoa during the friendly against Betis Sevilla, Pau Lopez is very uncertain to keep OM’s goals this Sunday against Reims (first day of Ligue 1), reports the team. Therefore, Ruben Blanco, who was recruited this summer at Celta Vigo, could start against the Champagne Club.

It’s the end of the conference

And Longoria was critical on all issues whether veritout or discussion with Tudor to remind the hierarchy (club, coach, players).

In the transfer window

“We have very few players, we would like the first group to be 22 players. We need the players to arrive but we also have to get the players out. The transfer window is open until August 31. Veritot, Sanchez, they are. International players, at a very high level. “But I don’t like to talk about individual players, they are currently contracted to other clubs and we have to respect them.”

On the Bamba Deng case

“In football, there is no past, it is now, the next game, what you did yesterday, today. We know the player, he has real talent, value, but we must remember the values ​​of modern sport.”

About the reunion with Tudor and the band

Locker room discussions should be kept in the locker room. Remembering the day Igor Theodor was introduced, the club’s message has not changed since that day. Since that day, we have talked about demands, work and discipline and everyone should take the same direction. Yesterday we summoned all these things.”

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In the case of Veretout

“There is a question in life. Is it the fate of a veritut? Did he do something wrong?” Then there are other questions. In life, you should have morals and values ​​… But beware of rumors and social networks. People’s judgment on someone, is this morally acceptable? That’s my view, you always have to respect people.”

It’s Pablo Longoria’s turn

And we’re talking about gameplay. “Aren’t you too ambitious in terms of context?” Yes, any change, you have to take time to adapt, Longoria scrambles. In football, things are different. I think football will evolve into a more physical football and a transitional game. We wanted to go in that direction. We certainly will not judge the real OM of Igor Theodor from September. It is a process. Adaptation, the arrival of new players, allows us to pick up the pace, but we, as a club, are on the path we took.”

Nuno Tavares has the national team in the back of his mind.

“Yes, that’s one of my goals and I dream every day to compete in the World Cup, and that’s why I’m here as well.”

What upset OM’s balance?

“No, it wasn’t difficult, my response was quick. There were little problems between the clubs. They play in the Champions League and last season they finished second.”

The role of Nuno Tavares from Arsenal

“We will develop a more and more vertical physical game, which requires a lot of side players and has become a priority for us.”

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“Are you ready to face a context that might be difficult?”

“The club is already in crisis while the tournament hasn’t started”… The question is a bit funny. Good answer from Luis Suarez: “For a footballer, you have to be ready to face all the challenges and Ohm is one of them for me. During the match against Milan, I had a lot of fun, from the warm-up. This responsibility motivates me.”

“I am satisfied with my last season”

Luis Suarez knows he needs to score more but is very happy with his progress.

Continuing with Luis Suarez

Also introduced by Pablo Longoria. “A striker who adapts to Igor Theodor’s style of play. He is the future player for the development we want for the club. He has all the attributes we look for in an OM striker.”

Blanco played with Lopez in the Spanish youth team.

“He told me he would help me as much as he could. It’s my first time coming abroad, it’s not easy but it helps me a lot.”

About Introducing Robin Blanco

“He was the first choice for us as a goalkeeper,” explains Pablo Longoria.

About meeting with coach and management

“The meeting, I wasn’t there! We only had a few minutes to discuss with the coach, the president and the players, a perfectly normal discussion. There are discussions, sometimes misunderstandings, but we are all clear about the club’s rhetoric. New and it requires a lot of what we propose on the ground … But it happens everywhere in football. We discussed between the guys and we managed to put everything right, that’s how I feel,” explains Jonathan Klaus.

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“Normal setup for any top player”

There is no question about the preparations, even if Marseille’s results are not exceptional at the moment.

On coach Igor Theodor

It’s indisputable that Klaus is comfortable with the system and it’s the same system as the one in Lens.

He gave up part of his salary to come here.

“I wanted to say it publicly,” explains Pablo Longoria who explained that he played to facilitate negotiations between the two clubs.

Let’s go to conf, start with Jonathan Klaus and Longoria

The four players will speak first and then Longoria will speak for ten minutes at the end. “Hi Jonathan,” Longoria begins, “I’m glad to introduce you, you’re a player who doesn’t need much introduction.”

4 recruits are introduced on Wednesday

France international Jonathan Claus, Portuguese Nuno Tavares, and former La Liga residents Ruben Blanco and Luis Suarez.

Hello and welcome to all of you in this life

The press conference is scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. Two days before the start of the tournament, it is eagerly awaited, after the rather disastrous preparation of OM (one victory) and the turmoil associated with the sudden resignation of Sampaoli and the painful arrival of Igor Tudor, the direct choice of Longoria. The OM Chief will talk about this while introducing the recruits.

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