Biden reassures Ukraine and urges Republicans to stop “playing” with the “lockdown”

Biden reassures Ukraine and urges Republicans to stop “playing” with the “lockdown”

US President Joe Biden pledged on Sunday that the United States would not abandon war-torn Ukraine, urging Republicans to stop “playing around” threatening to shut down the country after reaching a last-minute tentative agreement on Saturday.

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“I want to say to our allies, to the American people and to the people of Ukraine, you can count on our support. He said in a televised speech from the White House: We will not abandon Ukraine.

The agreement that the US Congress voted on Saturday to extend the “shutdown” deadline by 45 days effectively rules out additional aid to Kiev.

Joe Biden said there was a “sense of urgency” to approve new funding for Ukraine in the coming days and weeks, also criticizing Republicans who are demanding deep cuts in government spending.

“I’ve had enough. (…) I’m tired of brinkmanship.”

He continued: “This policy (…) must stop. “There should be no more crises.”

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