On Monday evening in Serie A, Roma managed to draw (2-2) at home against Salernitana. Not a good process for Lowe’s club in the race for the Champions League. Jose Mourinho’s men will still have some chances to finish their season on a high note. Because C1 is still within reach in Serie A but especially across the Europa League. In fact, Roma will face Sevilla in the final of the competition in a few days, and the final winner will win a direct ticket to the next Champions League.

But before that, Roma will have to gain confidence. HThis is not quite the case yet. And the result shown in front of the humble Salernitana team, on Monday evening, did not reassure. Above all, the absence of Paulo Dybala has raised eyebrows among some journalists in Italy …

Mourinho hits the target

Jose Mourinho never had a tongue in his mouth. The Portuguese, who announced in Paris Saint-Germain next season, was asked in a press conference about Dybala’s absence against Salernitana on Monday. As it was true, Le Mou then sent a rather very curious Italian journalist to the twenty-two. : “Ask the person who gave you our lineup this afternoon.

If you have a spy with us who brings you the line-up six or seven hours before the game, he can certainly tell you about Dybala’s performance. The sequence is below in the video :

Internet users interact

This version of Jose Mourinho quickly got netizens and other observers talking on social networks. Via Twitter in particular, we can see the comments on this thread :

  • “This is what PSG needs. Personality.”
  • “Someone with those kind of dark circles can’t go one season at PSG, they’ll end up like Templar at Indiana Jones.”
  • “Mourinho deserves a great team, and I hope he plays for Paris Saint-Germain next season.”
  • “I want him to annihilate the team and the others.”
  • “I can’t wait to see it 1v1 for the team or the old French media”
  • “Very keen to see him strike L’Equipe/RMC journalists during a post-match conference with Entertainment Saint-Germain”
  • “I dream of him arriving at Cl*wn Saint Germain, it can really be the ultimate entertainment”
  • “I think it’s only for moments like this that I want him to sign.”

So Jose Mourinho, whose contract with Roma expires in 2024, was announced in small newspapers from Paris Saint-Germain.

The Capital Club loves his page and Luis Campos teaches him well. The two men are friends for life and it seems that Christophe Galtier’s future is no longer written among the people of Ile-de-France. Before joining hypothetically in Paris, Mou will have to exit successfully in Italy.