Bard's integration with its SMS app will allow Google to control your conversations –

Bard's integration with its SMS app will allow Google to control your conversations –

As Google prepares to integrate Bard into its messaging app on Android, this new feature is already raising many concerns. the details.

Data protection concerns

integration cold To his SMS application, Google You will be able to access all your conversations. This feature will be integrated directly into the Google Messages app on Android, and will be pre-installed without user interaction. Bard, Google's conversational assistant, can be launched from the screen “New conversation” It appears as a stand-alone discussion. However, this chat agent raises data protection concerns, as points out. In fact, users who want to benefit from features such as assistance in writing messages, translation, identifying images, etc., must give their consent to share various information.


despite of Google Offering spam protection and end-to-end encryption, the latest version of Bard is more intrusive. Chats with Bard are not fully encrypted, and are used to improve Google services, including the machine learning models that power Bard. The data is processed by trained evaluators and is separated from the user's account, but retained for up to 3 years. Information collected includes conversations, location, comments, and usage information. To ensure user security, they are asked not to provide information that they do not want to be seen and used by Google.

What will the data be used for?

Bard will use this data to generate responses based on previous conversations and location, while reviewing comments to improve security. Users can change their location settings at any time. However, this update allows Bard to scan and analyze all messages, as well as access applications Google Signed websites, such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive, raise privacy concerns. It remains to be observed the reaction of the European authorities regarding these confidentiality issues.

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