This sci-fi film was a critical failure in its country but a huge success in France

This sci-fi film was a critical failure in its country but a huge success in France

When released in its home country, this sci-fi film was a critical failure. However, once it was shown in French cinemas, it was an unexpected success!

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cube It is a Canadian science fiction film released in 1997. The film tells the story of a police officer, an architect, a mathematics student, a psychologist, and an autistic man, locked in a prison 2.0 where there is an endless maze, but also cube-shaped rooms that connect. With each other, but there are also deadly traps hidden there. The prisoners realize that they all have a talent and that it is the key to their escape. But for the group’s cohesion to be good enough to successfully escape, they must put their conflicts aside. At the time of its release in Canada, cube It was a huge failure. It was also pulled from cinemas a few days after its release. Despite everything, it won Best Canadian First Film at the 1997 Toronto Film Festival. In France, the success of this science fiction film was much better than in Canada, where the number of admissions exceeded 910,000 people.

cube Inspired by the director’s life

Contrary to all expectations, this film was born out of director Vincenzo Natali’s claustrophobia. At that time, he was living in the studio with writers cubeAndre Biglake and Graeme Manson. “After a while we realized that we were narrating our own experiences in the script. The three of us had been friends for a long time and lived together in a small studio. We felt like we were just friends. Bored in a world of giants, we understood nothing about the forces that propel us through life. “The film is a nightmarish version of that feeling, a dream of escaping it.”He said.

cube : Only one room for photography

Cinematographer Derek Rogers said the entire film was sci-fi “Walking around in one room.” “We worked in a narrow space, but using it cleverly, we gave the impression of an enormous cube. It was like solving a puzzle. In fact, actors can only enter or exit through one door. “The most exciting thing is that some spectators will not even suspect that there is only one group.”It is to explain. cube It was also filmed in a storage warehouse.

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