Art invites itself to Science Festival 2022 | echo

Art invites itself to Science Festival 2022 |  echo

This year again, the M1 CCST conquered the Science Festival!
In this 2022 version, we have come from the future for the occasion…
We were freed up for 10 days to cover events about art and science in and around Grenoble.

Trauma team in question.

For this, we’ve assembled the shock team: Valentin (3.0) our zany and talented video editor, (Cyber) Yulia our awesome curator and illustrator, (Punk) Camille our budding art director and art director, (Néo) Flavie our precious editor and editor.

After organizing the timeline, the adventure really begins with a brilliant idea: “What if we came from the future?”
All cheered with this red thread, it gave us a lot of ideas for content. It was decided, to visit the Science Festival 2022 Future commando 3000.
Inspired by “Back to the Future”, “Visitor from the Future” and many others, we set out to create our “cyber-identity”.

The first show we attended took place at La Casemate, where the Théâtre D’Anoukis company was performing their live show: Le Commando de Lutte contre le Climat Warmage. After the show, we chatted with actor Cedric Danielo and director Paja Ledouine.

On Saturday, we spent the day on the tugboat in Wesel. We registered for several events: the Mobile Planetarium presented by Aurélien Schoettel, the Planeterrella of Auroralpes, and the Light Painting Workshop. The latter was organized by Jadikan: an artist who allowed us to test this little-known art form. We had a great discussion with Jadekan about photogrammetry and its history which will serve as the basis for our Twitter thread.
At the end of the day, we wrote and recorded the script for a teaser. It is there to provide the project, context and protagonists. We decided this teaser would be the start of a series about art and science.

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For the rest, we have five events left to cover but two events were canceled a few days ago.
Wednesday’s event: conferenceart and mathematics and theSpontaneous conferencee “, fortunately it turned out to be very interesting. They give us material to write a couple of episodes, which makes up for the canceled events.

We had to face a lot of obstacles that prevented us from working.

We got to the last event, the weather is nice and the guided visit to the Viscose Museum looks good. But there, missing, promptly arrived, one reads at the entrance that the museum is exceptionally closed. Nothing was marked on site and the organizers contacted in advance did not warn us…
Make no mistake, it wasn’t a small disappointment that stopped us. Because yes, the Science Fest is over, but we still have work to do!

Over the next seven weeks we wrote, filmed, recorded, edited and released the promised three episodes. It’s been long and tiring…but so rewarding. We’ve all had so much fun letting our creativity do the talking to make videos and the entire universe around Com’mando.
We also had great interviews with artists, scientists, and many more!

The Science Festival was a real springboard for us to create and talk about science. And…good news! We enjoyed the experience so much that CDF 3000 continued their videos even after the science fair!!

You can find them on our Youtube channel here →

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