150 people were injured in a train accident in Spain

150 people were injured in a train accident in Spain

More than 150 people were slightly injured Wednesday morning in the suburbs of Barcelona (northeast Spain) when a train bound for this city collided with the back of another train, the emergency services and the Spanish Railways indicated.

An EMS spokeswoman said 150 passengers on their way to work had “minor injuries” and five others had “moderate” injuries.

“A collision occurred between two trains at 7:50 am at the Montcada y Rexac Manresa station on the line towards Barcelona,” a spokesperson for the Renfe railway company told AFP. Hit the back of another stationary train.

An investigation has been launched by Renfe to determine the causes of the accident, which occurred about 10 kilometers north of the major Catalan capital. He asked the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sanchez, who immediately went there, “not to make assumptions” about it.

In statements to the press, Emergency Services Officer Juan Carles Gomez made it clear that no passengers were seriously injured. “These are bruises, some bumps to the face, but they are not serious,” he said.

In response to a question from the national television, a number of passengers who were evacuated from the train that hit the rear of the train said they felt “great shock” and reported that people were thrown to the ground or hit their heads on the carriages.

The trains, which had been suspended in both directions, were resumed shortly after 10:00 a.m. local time.

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