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Apple was planning a little revolution when it announced an option vivid picture for her smartphone (or smartphone) iPhone. This option, which is enabled by default on all iOS devices, saves photos a few seconds before and after the photo is taken, giving the impression of a moving photo on your phone’s touch screen.

However, not all iPhone or iOS users like Photo Live and permanently deactivating this option on their mobile phone is unfortunately not as easy as it should be… but that’s a long way off!

This iPhone trick allows you to permanently disable Photo Live on the latest iOS devices as well as on older devices.

But first, what is Photo Live?

Live Photo or Live Photo came out in 2015 with the iPhone 6S, and it’s a more powerful iteration of the iPhone 6 released a year earlier. Since then, Photo Live has been available on all devices from the manufacturer from Cupertino, California, from the iPhone XS to the new iPhone 14 and the new iPhone 14 Pro with a new screen. It was a small revolution at the time because you could have a moving image, a small video in a way, that you could manipulate as desired in the Photos app.

Live Photos allow the user’s iPhone to record what happens 1.5 seconds before as well as 1.5 seconds after the photo was taken. To take a Live Photo, you can do it just as you would a traditional photo. You can then choose a different main photo, add a funny effect or add a message using the virtual keyboard, edit a Live Photo and also share it with relatives, especially via the Messages app.

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Take a live photo
  1. Open the device app picture.
  2. Check the device picture in fashion picture And this option picture He lives It is activated. When this is the case, the button picture He lives Appears at the top of the device’s app screen picture.
  3. Hold your device firmly.
  4. Touch the shutter button.

Now how to remove Photo Live option forever?

So here is step by step how to remove cucumber forever vivid picture When you open your appcamera on your iPhone!

iPhone tip – Step 1: Open the Camera app

The first step in this trick, open the app camera from your iOS device.

IPHONE TIP – Step 2: Disable Live Photo

At the top right, you will see a button with three yellow circles. This means that the choice vivid picture Your iOS device is currently enabled. You have to press once to deactivate it, and the button will turn white.

iPhone Live Photos

IPHONE TIP – Step 3: Open the Settings app

After that, you have to quit the application. camera To open the app Settings from your iOS device.

iPhone Live Photos

iPhone Tip – Step 4: Select the Camera tab

Once in the respective app: SettingsJust scroll down to find the tab and open it camera.

iPhone Live Photos


Once in the nail cameraselect tab Keep settings.

iPhone Live Photos

iPhone Tip – Step 6: Enable Live Photo Option

The last step, you need to activate the option vivid picture (The button will turn green). By activating this option, you are telling your iOS device to apply the latest setting vivid picture (The last setting is that we have disabled the option in Filecamera In step 2), instead of enabling the option automatically vivid picture.

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iPhone Live Photos


So! You no longer have a choice vivid picture It is enabled when you take photos with your iPhone in the future, no matter what iOS system you are using. This trick also works if you want to keep the settings (16/9 or 4/3, etc.) and the image mode you want when you open your app camera. See you soon for another iPhone tip Perhaps hidden tips about one of the many hidden functions of the iPhone! In any case, these tips will be useful.

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