iQOO Neo8 SoC has been revealed ahead of the launch of the new Android smartphone

iQOO has made great efforts to promote it Neo 8 Pro Before the next big product event, so much so that fans might be wondering if a vanilla version of the New 7 So he joins her. According to the latest rumors, the 8 is already there, though it might just be a hiatus as it seems so far.

However, it is now expected to launch as a replacement for the Neo8 Pro, along with the previous flagship Snapdragon 8 of the first generation instead of the new SoC Dimension 9200+ than its high-end counterpart. These rumors are based on the emergence of a new device from iQOO’s parent company, Vivo. He lives on Geekbench.

appeared asVivo V2301AWhile the Neo8 Pro would have appeared as V2302ANeo8 Pro is a device based on 8 Gen 1 technology (8 cores at 3 GHz and codename taro included) with all device features based on Tec 8 technology of the first generation (8 cores with a frequency of 3 GHz and a taro codenamed included) and the single-core and multi-core high scores that come with it.

However, both sets of results appear to be increasingly unstable as brands like iQOO move on to new generations like those from 9200+ Instead of that. Additionally, the Neo8 should benefit from the same premium vegan leather finish and triple rear cameras as its Pro sibling.

It is also expected to be launched alongside the first generation of iQOO panel – With a confirmed screen off 144 Hz 2.8 k and more than 14,400 mm2 Refrigerant Advanced cooling Insider – on May 23, 2023 in China.

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