‘Keep a prayer’: Duran Duran’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

‘Keep a prayer’: Duran Duran’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Paul McCartney has praised Queen Elizabeth II for detailing each of their encounters over the years.

Paul McCartney paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and recalled his many encounters with Her Majesty, from her Beatle days until 2018, in a statement released Friday after her death at the age of 96.

On the sad occasion of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, my memories have resurfaced and I want to share them with you. McCartney wrote on its official site.

I am proud to be alive throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. When I was 10, I entered an essay competition in Liverpool and won my section for my essay on the British monarchy, so I was a longtime fan of it. In 1953, when the Queen was crowned, everyone on our street in Speke, Liverpool finally had a TV and we sat down to watch the coronation in black and white. »

During his career, McCartney who wrote the song ” Her Majesty “From the Beatles, he is believed to have met Queen Elizabeth II” eight or nine times “, And the ” Each time, I was impressed by her sense of humor with great dignity. First, when the Beatles greeted the MBE on October 26, 1965. I remember taking a side and showing me the correct protocol. We were told how to treat Her Majesty and not talk to her unless she was talking to us. For the four players from Liverpool, that was a thing. »

Over the next decade, McCartney would meet the Queen at various concerts and celebrations, including the opening of a school,” Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts on the site of my old school that George Harrison and I attended McCartney writes.

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On June 4, 2012, the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and that was very special in many ways. It was my first time performing for her since her last jubilee, and it was great to see all these people stretching the length of Pall Mall, as was meeting the other royals afterwards.McCartney added. Our last meeting was in 2018. My respect and love for the Queen and her wonderful sense of humor, when I received the Medal of Honor, I shook hands with her, bowed and said, “We have to stop meeting like this.” I laughed lightly and continued the party. I wondered if I wasn’t so rude, after all she was the Queen, but I have a feeling she wouldn’t mind. “.

McCartney ended his evocation of Queen Elizabeth II with a poignant note: God bless you. we will miss you “.

Ringo Starr added on Twitter:

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