AI-Powered Spell Checker with SuperText

AI-Powered Spell Checker with SuperText
Don't let a mistake linger! SuperText is an intelligent spell checker that will improve your cover letter, important email, or simple message in the blink of an eye. Focus on writing, and SuperText will do the rest.

Smart correction

SuperText automatically detects and corrects spelling and grammar errors, ensuring professional-quality texts. No more worrying about embarrassing mistakes!

Text comparison

Easily compare your corrected text to the original text with an intuitive, clear interface that highlights the changes made so you can understand and approve each edit without surprises.

Integration system

SuperText is designed to integrate seamlessly with your device. Available on iOS and iPadOS, the app has also been optimized for macOS with a window accessible from the menu bar and services menu, allowing you to quickly correct text from any app.

Portfolio management

Easily paste text into the app and then instantly copy the correction thanks to smart clipboard management.

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