Accused of killing his mother, he was found dead in his cell

Accused of killing his mother, he was found dead in his cell

An American accused of killing his mother at sea in an attempt to inherit the family property was finally found dead in his cell before he could even go to trial.

The trial of Nathan Karman, 29, was due to take place next October but prison guards were reported to have found the latter dead around 2:30am on Thursday, Doug Lusseau, director of Corrections in Cheshire, told CNN. PS News. The police opened an investigation to understand the causes and circumstances surrounding his death.

Nathan Karman was accused of killing his mother in 2016, during a deep-sea fishing trip, in an attempt to collect a multi-million dollar inheritance.

According to his attorneys, David Sullivan and Martin Minella, the man appeared to be in good spirits during a Zoom meeting the day before his death.

“We spoke to him yesterday. He was in a good mood […] We were ready to start jury selection on October 10th and were confident we were going to win. “It’s a tragedy, a tragedy,” said Mr. Minnella.

“We believe that Mr. Karman left us a note that we are looking forward to in an effort to understand the very tragic situation,” Mr. Sullivan added during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

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