According to these researchers, it is possible to create a warp drive

According to these researchers, it is possible to create a warp drive

Warp drives, once hypothetical systems capable of propelling spacecraft by distorting the fabric of space-time, may one day no longer be in the realm of science fiction. Indeed, American researchers believe that it is possible to manufacture this type of engine, at least in theory.

Push subluminal distortion

Traveling at incredible speeds in the universe would be the purpose of a warp drive. This type of system is theoretical Capable of distorting space-time It has occupied some scholars for several decades now. Based in New York, the applied physics company and its engineers believe that nothing is impossible. Published in the magazine Classical and quantum gravity April 29, 2024 shows work moving in this direction. Currently, achieving speeds close to the speed of light exists only in works of science fiction. In addition, the principle of warp drive itself is It hardly conforms to current laws of physics. However, researchers in applied physics believe that their study could change the situation.

Jared Fox, the lead author of this work, mentioned the idea of ​​a “warp bubble” surrounding a spacecraft. However, this bubble is intended to protect its occupants from space-time distortions, but also… Facing terrible gravitational forces related to traveling at such speed. This is a torsional bubble that would operate within known physical limits and thus allow subluminal torsional propulsion at a constant speed. In other words, this will allow us to move quickly Close to the light without going beyond it Thus, without endangering human beings.

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What is the fuel for this engine?

But soon several questions are on the table: Especially fuel. For researchers, this fuel could be what we call “exotic matter.” This is matter that is not composed of the same particles as regular matter, thus explaining the origin of dark matter. However, the existence of this exotic substance remains hypothetical to this day.

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“Although such a design would still require a significant amount of power, it demonstrates that distortion effects can be achieved without strange shapes of matter.”said Christopher Helmreich, another study participant.

Finally, if scientists seem satisfied with their work, they point out that interstellar travel is not for tomorrow. But let's remember that the Andromeda Galaxy is the closest one to us It is 2.54 million light years away from us From the Milky Way, our galaxy.

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