According to a neurosurgeon, here are 8 foods you should eat regularly to keep your brain healthy: Grazia

According to a neurosurgeon, here are 8 foods you should eat regularly to keep your brain healthy: Grazia

To maintain our brain and ensure that it can continue to function optimally, it is important to pay attention to what we eat. In fact, the brain also needs nutrition to remain able to function, and certain foods can help keep it active and alert. At least that’s what the neurosurgeon suggests. Dr. Brett Osborne In media columns Eat this, not that!. “Just like the body, the brain needs proper nutrition to function optimally.” The expert whose observations were quoted confirms Top Health. And to add: “Fortunately, nature provides us with all the foods needed for good brain health: most of them have the key property of reducing inflammation, a major factor that contributes to the aging of brain tissue and the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.”

What are the eight foods that are beneficial for the brain that he eats regularly?

In order to help us distinguish between what is good and what is not for our brain, the doctor also shared with us the eight foods he tried to eat as much as possible to increase his brain capacity. Among these we find vegetables, such as Broccolibecause they are “It contains sulforaphane, a molecule known to be involved in the proper functioning of the brain.” In general, the specialist recommends increasing your consumption of it vegetables : “Kale and spinach improve cognitive performance: they can be prepared as a smoothie for breakfast.”
Regarding fruits, Dr. Brett Osborne recommends BerriesEspecially since it contains “Anthocyanins: These antioxidants protect the brain from oxidative stress and inflammation. I eat blueberries every day, in smoothies or salads.”
We prefer too Fat fish : “Salmon, mackerel and sardines provide omega-3: these good fatty acids improve memory, help regulate mood and prevent cognitive decline.”Remembers the neurosurgeon who also highlights two spices: Turmeric and ginger. “Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful natural antioxidant. I add 2 grams of turmeric to all of my morning smoothies, and ginger is a known anti-inflammatory that improves cognitive function and protects neurons from oxidative stress. Feel free to use it in the kitchen.”

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