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Back in April, developer Afterburn Advertising Their new project Railroad After previous successes like golf tops And the inbentowho was our last Choice game of the week Back in September 2019. Railroad It is a logic puzzle that instructs you to put different types of track sections together to create a track track that connects all the cars on the train to the locomotive. This is of course much more difficult than it sounds because the vehicles are numbered and they have to be connected in order while avoiding collision which means there is a dense arrangement of the operational element to solving the puzzles. When it was announced, all we know Railroad is that it will be released sometime in 2022 on mobile devices, computers, and consoles. Well, that all changed last Saturday at the Future of Play Direct livestream event, which Afterburn announced Railroad They’re hitting all platforms in September, and they made the announcement with this cool new trailer.

But wait there is more! This week is also Steam Next Fest, and there’s now a new PC demo for Railroad That’s what you can Download from the game’s Steam page And try for yourself now. There was already a demo of the game before, but this new demo includes 5 new levels featuring a new mechanic and many other fixes and improvements based on feedback from the previous demo. Also on the game’s Steam page, you can check out the developers’ feedback videos and there will be special live events tomorrow and Wednesday for you to check out. Aside from all the great behind-the-scenes stuff that happens with game development, I’m really looking forward to getting the final product on mobile once Railroad Launching in September.

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