A rebound is expected for the Portuguese, hopes to confirm Ailly

A week after his crushing defeat in the Coupe de France by BOVET, the Portuguese Amiens is expected to take his part during his trip to Saint-Maximin. For its part, Ailly-sur-Somme will try to continue, there also in Oise, next to Nogent. The full presentation of the second day of Regional 2.

Benoit Storbois: “If we want to claim we are on top, we have to be regular”

Eager to get the elimination quickly at the Coupe de France, Benoît Sturbois above all expects from his team of Portuguese Amiens that it is on the topic of content even before he introduces himself to the score. Maintenance work.

Benot, has the slap received against the Beauvais been digested?

For me, it was fast. On the players’ level, we advanced, we discussed quickly in training and moved to the Saint-Maximin match. No matter the match, whether we win or lose, there are always lessons to be learned, things to work on, and improvement. You have to be a perfectionist and there are a lot of lessons to be learned in this match because there is a defeat. We will try to make sure that certain errors are not repeated.

Sufyan Amir believes it is important to recover quickly to prevent doubt from creeping into people’s minds. Is this how you feel too?

At first, I’m convinced that over the course of a season, it will be the most consistent team that will go up. If we want to claim that we are at the top, we will have to be consistent, otherwise we risk being annoyed compared to the leading teams. I would like to put ourselves in the game and do everything to win. I want to put in some play but the players also know that there are times when you can work on possession and others when you have to be more direct. I have to get them to understand that. That’s what we missed in the first half against Gamachis. Sometimes our play is exaggerated, in the match, there are several stages and we have to get used to that. I’m going to focus on the content even if the competitor I’m on wants to go and take those three points out.

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Do you agree that the team is far from its fullest potential?

I think that’s the case for every team. There have been newcomers that have already developed together but it might be a different way to play for some. The team is perfect. I think we’re halfway to what we can deliver, but what bothers me is that we were about 60-70% in the warm-ups and fell back there. In content, we are less efficient which is why I issued a warning about the pre-match results. We know that there is always the mental aspect that comes into play in preparation and this is a factor that causes them to lose their potential or perform less sometimes. Hopefully we can continue to develop this weekend and be more efficient than last weekend.

Will you change things at first?

Nothing recorded, that’s clear. We have a very large group and anyway, by the force of circumstances, the eleven will be adjusted because Wable is “out” for two weeks. Will this be the only change, I still leave myself time to think. Obviously we’ll have to find stability for the team at some point, since last year I’ve complained that I can never get the same team on board. If I had the chance to do this after I found the right formula, I wouldn’t hesitate.

All comments were collected by Romain PECHON and Adrien ROCHER

Saint Maximin – Amiens Portuguese

2nd day of regional 2

Sunday October 2, 3pm

Letelier Stadium, Saint-Maximin

Jean-Charles Soving: “I would have preferred to go there in a better spirit”

Excited for his debut with Ailly-sur-Somme, of which he has been coach for a few weeks, Jean-Charles Suiveng remains cautious ahead of the trip to Nogent-sur-Oise, due to which many players will be denied. . Maintenance work.

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Jean Charles, in what state of mind would you approach this trip to Nogent?

I take it with concern, because I have many absentees. I am already deprived of the first three injured guards. So we will call in a veteran or young goalkeeper from the U18 resident club. We also have a few absent players (note: Antoine Lecronier injury and Baptiste Doswill suspension) even if you get back the so far suspended Nicolas Bailu. So we will try to do our best against Nogent’s team which looks very strong. I would have preferred to go there in a better mood but we will adapt. Now, we responded in the first game by putting in a lot of intensity for the first half hour against Le Touquet’s reserve. It was more complicated at the end of the match, because we play to get scared. We have many opportunities that we fail to convert. We end up taking aim and get a little shaken. This scenario was confirmed in the League Cup against American Abbeville.

So, your main focus at the start of the season is the pursuit of efficiency?

exactly. When Terry Lavillette called me to take over the team, he told me he was in his place defensively. He was right on this point, on the other hand, we all see that he lacks proficiency in the other area. You have to be a killer, know how to hide to make things easier.

What are your ambitions for Ailly’s return to Regional 2?

The goal set by the president is simple: to have good support. We are familiar with the level of this group, with descendants of Ailly and Outreau and having great teams programmed to the top of the table. So we will do our best to ensure maintenance as soon as possible.

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How are your first weeks at the helm of this team going?

I am very happy that I found a team with many young players. For some, this is only their second year as a senior. There is already a great desire in this well-living group, who love to share moments together. For a teacher, it is always a pleasure to work in this kind of environment. We must also emphasize the quality and values ​​of the young players and not forget the executives who are there to offer their expertise. Our boys are disciplined, respectful, and ready to wet the shirt. There is indeed a good state of mind in Ailly. It is up to me to take on the very good work of Pierre-Alain Lavillette, I did not come up with the idea of ​​turning everything upside down. exactly the contrary. It is a great challenge that must be faced.

All comments were collected by Romain PECHON


2nd day of regional 2

Sunday October 2, 3pm

George Lane Sports Complex, Nogent-sur-Wise

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