A new device alerts you of the presence of a spider in your home

A new device alerts you of the presence of a spider in your home

A new device can warn of the presence of a spider in the house thanks to a system that combines artificial intelligence and a thermal camera, to warn its inhabitants as soon as an eight-legged insect sets foot there.

French media Brice Citron recently reported that the HunterG, which is currently in the testing phase, may be commercialized by the end of the year.

And the French media continued, that thanks to the thermal camera, the device that uses artificial intelligence will be able to recognize the shapes and movements of spiders, and then send an alert to the cell phone of the owner of the device.

It will work day and night, and can spread to other insects, especially in dangerous areas where scorpions or certain types of spiders are venomous. “HunterG detects crawling spiders and scorpions, locates them using lasers and calls for alarm assistance. The camera moves to track the moving spider and scorpion as long as they are in view,” HunterG’s website reads.

Thus, the device will allow arachnophobia sufferers to sleep soundly, estimates Presse Citron.

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