A new 6.4-magnitude earthquake hits southern Turkey

The Turkish Relief Agency reported that a 6.4-magnitude earthquake was recorded this evening, Monday, in the Turkish province of Hatay (south), the most affected by the February 6 earthquake that killed more than 41,000 people in Turkey.

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The earthquake, which had its epicenter in Defni locality, an area about 15 minutes drive – in normal times – from Antakya, occurred at 8:04 pm and was strongly felt by the FAP teams. In Antakya and Adana, 200 km north.

According to an AFP journalist at the scene, the earthquake created panic among the already affected population, and raised large clouds of dust in the devastated city.

He saw and heard several sections of already badly damaged building walls collapsing and several injured people apparently calling for help.

According to Afad, more than 6,000 aftershocks have been recorded since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and Syria, where a 6.4-magnitude earthquake was recorded on Monday evening in the Turkish province of Hatay (south), the most affected by the February 6 earthquake. which claimed more than 41,000 lives in Turkey, according to the Turkish aid agency Avad.

The earthquake, whose epicenter was in the town of Defne, occurred, according to Avad, at 8:04 pm, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines teams felt it strongly in Antakya and Adana, 200 kilometers to the north.

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