5 things to remember to keep your home from winter

5 things to remember to keep your home from winter

Winter, as we know, can have severe consequences for residential housing in Quebec; Find out how to prepare your home for the winter and, above all, how to preserve it during the cold season.

Protecting your home from the effects of winter can be as simple and quick as installing a hallway rug; In fact, a carpet placed in the entrance hallway of the house can limit the damage caused by such unwanted guests as gravel and salt.

It is important to check that all external taps are closed. Simply locate the pipe outlets and make sure the taps are closed. In addition, if the temperature permits, it is recommended to empty the tubes. The process only takes a few minutes and will help protect the safety of the home.

Tree branches, harmless or nearly harmless during the summer, can actually become a problem and cause damage to homes when they are stuffed with snow. The ceiling and electrical wiring are particularly at risk.

It is recommended to go around the house and cut off branches that are too close or potentially dangerous.

In the same way as it is important to remove the snow from the roof of the house, it is advisable to clean the gutters, by removing the snow that has accumulated there, in order to prevent the formation of ice.

It is equally important to check their condition in anticipation of spring.

A good roof inspection is necessary not only to ensure that winter will not damage it, but also that water leaks do not threaten the safety of the house.

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