Yulia Navalnaya accuses Putin of “holding” the remains of his opponent hostage

Yulia Navalnaya accuses Putin of “holding” the remains of his opponent hostage

Yulia Navalnaya, who vowed to continue fighting for her husband Alexei Navalny who died in a Russian prison, accused Vladimir Putin on Saturday of holding the body hostage to force his mother to accept a secret burial.

“Nine days since Putin killed my husband […] “But it turned out that killing was not enough, and now he has taken her remains hostage, humiliating her mother to force her to accept a secret burial,” the widow of opponent No. 1 said in a trembling voice from the Kremlin in an online video. .

“It's Putin […] Who gives orders saying: Do not return him, press the mother, break her, tell her that her son’s body is decomposing.”

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For more than a week, Lyudmila Navalnaya, the opponent's mother, has been trying to recover the remains of her son, who died last February 16 in a prison in a remote region in the Arctic where Navalny was imprisoned.

According to her, the authorities stipulated that the burial be secret when returning the body. Observers believe that the Kremlin fears that the funeral will turn into a public event, especially since Russia is organizing presidential elections in mid-next March, which are expected to see Vladimir Putin win again.

“She tortured him when he was alive, and now she tortures him after he is dead,” Ms. Navalnaya said again.

There was no reaction from the Russian President to the death of his main critic, who was serving a 19-year prison sentence and survived poisoning.

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The Kremlin, especially since the invasion of Ukraine two years ago, has engineered a merciless crackdown on all its critics.

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