Netflix wants to make us want to play with these new interactive animations

(ETX Daily Up) – Want Netflix to turn us players? The streaming platform has released the latest interactive content. A cartoon that forces viewers to play in order to continue watching the second part. A real interactive game that can enhance your Netflix game show. We explain to you.

The Netflix interactive animation has been dubbed “Pilfer!” or “Cat Burglar” in its original version. If the cartoon was shown on the air in “Looney Tunes”, then the new program is intended for adults. Behind its creation, we find the creators of the interactive film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, Charlie Brooker and Annabelle Jones. The movie had a bombshell effect on Netflix in 2018, for its revolutionary content in terms of interaction with viewers.

More than just a cartoon, “Belver!” It is a real interactive game. Viewers must answer a series of questions to help a cat steal valuable paintings from the museum without being caught by a guard dog.

A lively game that respects even the rules of play. In fact, viewers will have only three lives, or three attempts to quickly and well respond to the questions asked, in the least possible time. So be careful not to drag. But don’t worry, even after those 3 lives have passed, viewers can always tell where they lost the game. Note that these are general knowledge questions and have nothing to do with the story. the game.

In all, a cartoon, which lasts 12 minutes, can have six alternate endings. The questions change with each round. Always a good way to spark curiosity and a desire to play. The cartoon is available in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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With this new cartoon turning into an interactive game, Netflix intends to revive interest in its mobile gaming tab. The streaming platform also noted that other interactive games such as the “Pilfer!” It may be revealed soon. The game just launched with Netflix.

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