Young thieves: Children who used to rob establishments

Young thieves: Children who used to rob establishments

Young children will be used by adults to carry out thefts. They will sneak straight into the coffers of several New York City establishments, which have been struggling with this scheme for at least eight months.

“It’s really sad, these kids are sent inside, and they already know exactly what to do. “I don’t know if anyone scouted the locations beforehand… maybe an adult came a few days ago, had a beer and scouted around,” he said. Director of Lexington Public, the latest organization targeted by one of these crimes, according to what New York Post.

On Monday evening, around 8:30 p.m., the young thief, less than 10 years old, showed up at a New York bar asking to use the bathrooms.

But after he slammed the bathroom door shut—to give the impression that he had actually entered—the little boy had instead rushed down the stairs next to it, looking for the desk downstairs, where he would be able to get his hands on pads. Of bills totaling $700, he tucked him into his belt and into his jacket before taking it off.

As he left the building, less than seven minutes later, he told a bar employee: “I made a big pile, so don’t go there yet,” according to American media.

This is the latest incident of its kind to occur at a facility in New York City. In fact, crimes with this same scheme have been committed in the past eight months.

In some cases, children would instead introduce themselves to staff to collect donations for their basketball team. Other establishments have reported direct thefts from bags left temporarily unattended.

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“When they go out, there is either a man or a woman waiting for them and guiding them,” lamented Jacob Rabinowitz, owner of several establishments affected in recent months. These are young children – this is abuse!

It is not clear if they are still the same children, but a spokesperson confirmed that an investigation will be conducted to try to determine if the situation is at risk city-wide and if these thefts are linked to organized operations. a crime.

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