World of Tanks will give you 1st Anniversary Gifts on Steam before a new charity campaign

World of Tanks will give you 1st Anniversary Gifts on Steam before a new charity campaign

World of Tanks celebrates one year on Steam (and cross-play action) and gifts for this anniversary are for the player. Wargaming has also announced an upcoming charity live stream.

From today until May 23rd, players on Steam can participate in special Anniversary Gifts, with special in-game activities to celebrate the first anniversary, and get a free “Lightweight Fighter Pack” DLC with the British Cromwell B Tier VI tank. Available now, the DLC bundle has been reduced to free until May 23 at 1 PM EST or 7 PM EST. There is also a free Christmas gift package in the “Best” section of the in-game store.

For Anniversary Quests, they are also available until the end of the event. There are five missions that you can play and complete in exchange for in-game resources and special event currency called Anniversary Tokens. Use these codes to get additional rewards in the Anniversary Store. These are garage openings, credits and consumables. You’ll only be able to claim some rewards once, but you can keep collecting more.

There will also be a brand new charity live stream next week. Starting Friday, May 20 at 12 noon (central time), a 32-hour streaming charity will run to raise money for United Service Organizations, also known as USO. USO is a private organization that supports US military personnel and their families by providing services such as free phone calls and Internet access in and out of combat zones, care, baby showers, supplies for waiting parents, and packages of personal hygiene items. Care articles, and perhaps what they are best known for, are entertainment offerings to service members and their families.

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The charity broadcast will begin May 20 at 12 PM Central Time and will continue until May 21 at 4 PM Central Time. Head over to World of Tanks for the full list of signage and details of the charity campaign, which will also include a silent auction and special items for purchase as well as fundraising.

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