The European Union launches a digital version of Earth to simulate environmental risks

The European Union launches a digital version of Earth to simulate environmental risks

(Helsinki) – The European Union on Monday unveiled a digital version of our planet, simulating and monitoring environmental risks while finding ways to mitigate climate change.

“Destination Earth,” a project from the European Commission, is a digital model of the Earth that will enable monitoring, simulating and predicting climate and other natural phenomena using “an unprecedented amount of data,” according to the initiative. website.

This tool can be compared to “ChatGPT for the Earth System” and constitutes one of “the most advanced examples of how technology can help us fight climate change,” emphasized Margrethe Vestager, Competition Commissioner who attended the launch ceremony of the model in Kajaani (central) in Finland.

The goal of this response is to inform policymakers and the public about how best to adapt to climate change and mitigate its consequences, by presenting accurate and interactive scenarios.

M said.I Vestager.

She explained that this tool will allow mayors to take appropriate measures so that their cities can deal with extreme climate events.

This model combines digital technology and climate science with high-speed internet and artificial intelligence, powered by supercomputers, such as the LUMI located in Kajaani.

Florence Rapier, director general of the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, said it was a “turning point” because the system would allow anyone to ask questions about climate change.

“You ask a question and Destination Earth can then run tailored scenarios […] To answer the question you are asking […] With unprecedented accuracy.”

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