Wii Sports and The Last of Us join the “Hall of Fame” for the greatest video games of all time

Wii Sports and The Last of Us join the “Hall of Fame” for the greatest video games of all time

Four new video games are inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame this year. among them, Wii Sports And The last of us make their entry.

simsAnd Animal Crossing, Pacman or Grand Theft Auto III… All of these games have one thing in common: they are part of the International Video Game Hall of Fame, a hall of fame dedicated to video games. 36 games made this anthology of the greatest games of all time. On May 4, four new games were added to the list: Wii Sports, Barbie Fashionista, Computer Space And The last of us.

To choose the lucky ones, the National Strong Play Museum Again, rely on four selection criteria: the game’s iconic status (almost everyone knows and remembers it), its longevity (it had a long-running popularity), its geographic scope (known in many countries) and finally its impact, to see if the game had an impact on other games. other universes and society in general.

Bowling competitions and series modifications

Wii Sports, the iconic game associated with the WII console when it was released in 2006, thus managing to enter this very closed arrangement. Allowing at the time golf, tennis or baseball to be played, the game still has a real reputation today, especially with its unusual bowling competitions among seniors.

The last of us It also marked its era in popular culture in general in another way with the first release in 2013 and other game projects after that. The saga has also been given a new lease of life with a remake coming out in September 2022 and a sequel with actor Pedro Pascal in 2023.

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the game Barbie fashion designer remonte lui à plus de 25 ans, avec une sortie en 1996. And for the l’époque, the jeu video permettant de concevoir des vêtements and tenues est a French succès with plus de 500,000 ventes et a benéfice of 120 million dollars in a peine year.

computer space is a real video game relic, a space combat arcade game released in 1971. There were also other World Video Game Hall of Fame nominees, such as Angry birds, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or even International Football SoccerLoans FIFA It was released in 1993. But they will have to wait for the next release in hopes of being part of the video game elite.

The most important items

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