What you need to know about the French event game

What you need to know about the French event game

Just days before its official launch, L’Éclaireur reveals the secrets behind transforming the giant robot into a “Made in France” video game.

For many fans of the adventures of Actaros, Prince of Euphor, they have been released Goldorak Feast of the Wolves On consoles and PC, November 14 is an event as powerful as it is unexpected. Focusing heavily on the nostalgic goal of the first broadcasts of the 1980s, publisher Microids entrusted the development of this adaptation to its Endroad studio in Nantes.

The developers have actually been the authors of the success to retreat, Rogue Like was released in 2019. At the helm of the project, nostalgic fans will also find a familiar face: Julien Hubert. A former journalist for Al-Taifa magazine JoypadRich in experience and unquenchable passion, Jolo has crossed the barrier.

A cult and worship game

Goldorak She found a home in Microids, and that’s not just a coincidence. Firstly, because the French publisher has succeeded in doubling comic book adaptations in recent years, bringing… Asterix And Obelix, Blacksad Or the next match Tintin on the screen.

As for the choice of the inhabitants of Endrod in Nantes, let us recall an amusing anecdote. The Church of Bethlehem, near the City of the Dukes, in Saint-Jean-de-Poiseau, features… Goldorak Among his sculptures from 1995. It is clearly a special place of worship for geeks.

Atmosphere the magician

The video game, for its part, is based on the basic elements of the anime. spin-off l MazingerBaptize Grendizer In Japan, it finds its French title in the seventh episode of the series. So we find Golgoths and the conspiracies of that time, with a cel-shading action game that mixes different stages, between fighting on the ground and in the air, but also shooting them.

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Giant Robot Special Attacks and Soundtrack, composed by Marcin Przybylović (Witcher 3) and Magda Urbanska, will impress players, reminding them of long afternoons in front of the TV.

With the variety and production worthy of contemporary anime, Actarus and His Mountain can also appeal to youngsters, and make them want to discover a groundbreaking anime, whose French success remains a pleasant anomaly, after its Japanese failure.

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