Unique Business Class Experience

Unique Business Class Experience
TAP Portugal is doing its best to make business class an excellent comfort zone

And if we don’t leave our comfort zone for once! When you travel for business, you often need to work to prepare for meetings, but also to relax, in order to arrive at your destination in the best possible mood. This is what allows you Business degree From TAP Portugal We offer you exclusive personalized service and utmost comfort.

The standard décor includes sophisticated fabrics and softer lighting: everything has been thought to make the cabin more welcoming.

. RecaroLie Flat SeatsA330 convertible to real flat beds It has hypoallergenic pillows covered in a soft-touch material that doubles in size compared to previous pillows. New headrests have also been installed to improve your comfort.
Traditional blankets have been replaced by soft, laminated duvets, and a range of amenities are offered on board.

Tablecloths, napkins and dish sets reveal the quality of Portuguese textiles and the country’s traditions. The menus Support this development by a New graphic design. The new dishes It is the result of a partnership with Vista Alegre and reflects Modern cabin interiorswith its curved and organic lines and functions.

The seats are equipped with outlets that provide 115V AC power. New noise canceling headphones Phitek uses the most advanced sound insulation technology, delivering sound quality you’ve never heard before.

Portuguese porcelain dishes, fresh and eco-friendly products

File menus set products And the traditional portuguese sweets In the center of the board, because TAP Air Portugal wants to bring out the best in Portuguese gastronomy Present to the world.
Meals are served at Portuguese porcelain dishesIt is accompanied by a selection of exclusively Portuguese wines. Consists of Fresh and eco-friendly productsA complete gastronomic experience. You can customize your menu by pre-ordering your favorite main course.

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On board the planes A330-900neo And the A321LRneoIt’s a rich offering in terms of entertainment: over 500 TV shows and over 100 movies including the latest Hollywood blockbusters, great classics, animation and the best of independent cinema. Videos allow you Explore Portugal from North to South so is he is, as well as all the wonderful angles not to be missed. Music shouldn’t be outdone: over 160 albums and 12 playlists are available to listen to.

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