Two students from Saint-Paul High School in Charleville-Mézières introduce an app to help teens understand puberty

Saint-Paul High School in Charleville-Mézières is once again participating in the Science Factor competition. Since Wednesday, December 14th, it has been possible to vote for the project of two students, who propose to create an application to answer questions of adolescents about puberty.

Here we go again for a tour Saint Paul High School From Charleville-Méziers (Ardennes). Participate in the competition again. sciencefactor.

Since Wednesday, December 14, and for a whole month, it is able to vote for Jolene and Lou Ann, sophomores. their project: my diary (“This is your friend”If we are to believe the slogan, he already found everything.)

The well-wishing friend for teens wondering about puberty. “We’ve noticed that a very large number of young teens are going through puberty”they explain.

This mobile app is still in draft stage. It promises the availability of many audiovisual and text resources to answer questions on this topic (see View the video less).

Even better, the contact form allows you to ask questions for which the answer is not yet directly available. The local Nursing Training Institute (Ifsi) is collaborating on the project. This concept is somewhat reminiscent of Onesexpress platformbut in a presumptuous way with the teens in charge “to talk to teenagers”.

Having a sufficient number of votes (significantly obtained by a Communication on Instagram) To continue the project is only one of the initial steps to enter the competition. There will still be plenty if the two students hope to see their project come to fruition, or even take it to the next level by developing its physical side (a range of hygiene products from the local trade) and advertising.

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Specifically, those earlier versions are rather on the right track. France 3 Champagne-Ardenne has already talked about projects for a station for the disabled in Charleville, or even a collector for bathing water (see high school in the card less).

“Charlesville is considering installing stations”explains Fabrice Thomas, professor of physics and chemistry and competition reference at St. Paul. “We are in the process of designating all parking spaces for people with disabilities, but also all accessible places and shops…” The associated application will be developed with the help of Orange. The competition therefore has a real impact on the lives of local communities, and the ideas proposed are far from staying in the drawer.

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