Florida | Governor’s signature of the LGBT + Education Act

Florida |  Governor’s signature of the LGBT + Education Act

(Miami) Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a law banning the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary school starting on 1Verse July, a text that, according to its critics, could harm the LGBT community.

Posted yesterday at 8:05 PM.

“We will make sure that parents can send their children to school so that they are educated, not until they are indoctrinated,” the governor fired before putting his signature.

The text from Kindergarten applies to pupils aged eight or nine.

Opposition Democrats and LGBT rights activists tried to block the “Don’t Say Like Me” law that caused an uproar in the United States.

The controversy even sparked protests among employees of entertainment giant Disney, who were accused of “carelessness” after the law was passed.

The company, which employs more than 75,000 people privately at the Disney World theme park in Orlando, condemned the passage of the law in a statement on Monday.

Florida Equality, a nongovernmental organization, accused the governor of “damaging our state’s reputation as a welcoming, inclusive place for all families.”

“We have made everyone a laughingstock nationwide. Worse, it has made schools less safe for children,” the organization said in a statement.

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