Trump is on civil trial for fraud for three months in New York

Trump is on civil trial for fraud for three months in New York

The civil fraud trial of Donald Trump and his children lasts three months, from October to Christmas, as New York state courts accuse the former President of the United States of “inflating” his assets by billions of dollars. Between 2011 and 2021.

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A New York court judge has already decided that this non-jury trial will begin on October 2 in Manhattan.

In an order announced on Friday, he specified that discussions would continue until December 22, shortly before the first Republican primary election, on January 15 in the state of Iowa (central). As for Donald Trump, who dreams of returning to the White House, he is the favorite.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for the end of September.

Ahead of this civil trial, New York State Attorney General (the equivalent of the territorial attorney general) Letitia James, on Friday, once again referred to the local Supreme Court hundreds of pages of accusatory documents against Donald Trump and his eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.

This is to support the complaint filed by the judge in September 2022 seeking $250 million in damages from Mr. Trump, his children, and the Trump Organization family group for tax and financial fraud.

This prosecutor, elected from the Democratic Party, accuses the Republican billionaire and his sons of “deliberately” manipulating – up and down – the valuations of the group’s assets – golf clubs, luxury hotels and other properties – to get more money. Obtaining soft loans from banks or reducing taxes on them.

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According to court documents released by Ms. James on August 30, Mr. Trump is suspected of “falsely inflating the value of his assets by billions of dollars” every year between 2011 and 2021 — including while he was president from 2017 to 2021.

These differences were then estimated at “between 17% and 39%, or between $812 million and $2.2 billion” each year.

In a new “cautious” estimate unveiled by the attorney general’s office on Friday, the overstatement of Mr. Trump’s assets ranges “between $1.9 billion and $3.6 billion annually.”

The person in question has repeatedly denounced a “ridiculous” case conducted by a “racist” African-American judge.

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