Trump and Canada secrets at Mar-a-Lago

Trump and Canada secrets at Mar-a-Lago

This is the first time in US history. A former president faces 37 felony counts for illegally possessing hundreds of classified documents, some with the highest security ratings, at his residence and on his golf course in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

In connection with this theft, Trump is accused of making false statements, attempting to conceal these documents in order to evade the FBI, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The indictment alleges information about the nuclear capabilities of the United States, foreign countries, friends and foes, US military plans to counter attack or carry out attacks against enemy countries, and details of ongoing military operations.

The documents were sealed HCS, Humint Control Systems, meaning the information contained was collected by agents working for Americans in hostile countries whose lives would be in danger if their identity were revealed.

What particularly disturbs us is that among these top-secret documents we find some linked to the “Five Eyes” network, the electronic espionage alliance that brings together the Anglo-Saxon countries on the planet: United, Great Britain, Australia, New York. New Zealand and Canada. So some of our best secrets may have been hacked along with the secrets of other members of the network.

Secret documents Why?

On Friday, Special Counsel Jack Smith made a rare public statement but said nothing about why Trump kept a large trove of top-secret documents and then plotted to avoid turning them over to the US government.

Why had they been storing these classified documents in the White House for four years and why did he take them with him? Naive people say he simply hoarded them to further his own paranoid narcissism. It is a misunderstanding of this unsavory, vile and very dangerous character.

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He wanted to be able to use them to get revenge on his critics and/or make a lot of money by selling them to the highest bidders.

Mar-a-Lago: Welcome to Spies

There is no doubt that Mar-a-Lago attracted spies and was very easy to get to. There is no doubt that the intelligence services of China, Russia, Iran and Cuba have tried to infiltrate it.

Some of the biggest and most dangerous secrets in the United States – and some in Canada – lie in cardboard boxes stacked in bathrooms or on stage where cocktail parties and dinner parties are held.

A Chinese woman has been arrested with four smartphones, a laptop and a USB key containing malware in her possession. She was found guilty of making false statements to a federal officer, and deported to China in 2021.

A Russian-speaking woman managed to mingle with the Trump family in Mar-a-Lago, pretending to be the heir to the Rothschild banking dynasty. She is pictured with him on a golf green.

As the indictment states, Trump said, during the 2016 presidential campaign, that he was determined to protect US secrets: “In my administration, I will enforce all laws related to protecting classified information. No one will be above the law.” And he has the unseemly chutzpah to make the same commitment for 2024.

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