True or false. No, Cristiano Ronaldo was not sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran

True or false.  No, Cristiano Ronaldo was not sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran

Several Iranian, Spanish and French media outlets claim that Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was convicted of adultery in Iran after hugging a painter. A rumor denied by the competent authorities.

It is a rumor that has been circulating on social networks for several weeks and even in some Iranian, Spanish and French media: international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo risks receiving 99 lashes when he returns to Iran, because he would have been sentenced there for adultery. But this is wrong.

In contact with France Info, the Iranian embassy in France confirmed this “This is illogical” And you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet. The Iranian embassy in Spain also denied this on social media Xformerly Twitter. “We categorically deny any judicial decision against any international athlete,” she wrote.

Denied from the Iranian embassy

The rumor comes from an interpretation of a video posted online. A man explains in Persian that Cristiano Ronaldo faces a penalty of 99 lashes for an illicit relationship due to his behavior when he went to Iran in mid-September to participate in the AFC Champions League with his Saudi club Al-Nassr Football Club against Persepolis.

Cristiano Ronaldo met Iranian artist with a disability, Fatemeh Hamami. A video clip of the scene, published by the Saudi Club, shows the Portuguese giving her the shirt, hugging her twice under the gaze of the photographers, and placing a kiss on her forehead. These are the gestures that could be considered an illicit relationship according to this video.

Iranian media echoed such an accusation Roydad24 , east And many others who copied exactly the same text, sometimes saying that the footballer “incurred” 99 lashes, as long as it was “Judgment”. Then the Spanish sports media reported false information Marka Then through French media such as The Independent And Mission .

But the Iranian embassy in Spain confirms that this meeting “Sincere and humane with Fatima Hammami won praise and admiration from the population and sports authorities of the country”.

Very regular rumors of legal setbacks

This rumor is far from the first. Cristiano Ronaldo is regularly the subject of articles inventing or worrying about potential legal setbacks.

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Already last August, the media thought he was going He was arrested for making the sign of the cross After scoring a goal in Saudi Arabia. In April, others said he would be sentenced to prison “A crime against public decency” Touching his genitals during the match. In January, there were still others concerned that… He cannot live with his partner Because of Saudi laws.

It clicks every time, but Cristiano Ronaldo is not doomed.

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