2 records for Dauwalter and Walmsley!

2 records for Dauwalter and Walmsley!

Courtney Jim, Jim Courtney, and let the times go down: The two world leaders win MIUT and write two new brands—just that. Quasi-Cocorico for Thibaud (Garrivier) 2And With a fist, Tschumi and the resplendent Blanchard kissed. On the female side, the same geometry imposes Audrey Tanguy (2And), swiss gotz… the blue nugget. If Madeira is a miniature diague, when will Rickan and Rickan be in Reunion? And now we start dreaming again. In-cor-rri-gible.

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MIUT 115: Jim & the Court, a new historical page

They came and saw and so on. Score higher, once again Jim Walmsley and Courtney Dauwalter command their mastery. The page is nicer than the ones they just wrote – each in their own log, and the cows will be well taken care of.

6 die 22

7 ‘Less to Big Jim

2016: François Le Grand takes the time at 13h05’44 “ to break the MIUT record. 2022: Jim the entertainer He puts on 12h58’14” to improve his friend’s record from Hardrock. From start to finish, we’ll see something blue coming in (very) quickly – bouncing – and back. This was Jim. The locomotive passed first in each rung. Also note the durability thibot Gariverexplaining again that you must reckon with him at a high level: the Frenchman wins 2And Place (13h24’58”) after a long fight with the Swiss John Phillip chome (1:38:55 p.m.), completing a beautiful podium between them… HOKA. Many eyes are watching him and he is not about to stop: Matthew Blanchard (pipe 9) rises to 4And Put it at 13h51’43” forward Andreas to repeat (2:10:01 p.m.), and it seems to be announcing a beautiful shape is coming. It was only late April, and some of the best weren’t there. What would Granger do? Next round is in Lavaredo, or somewhere else?

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1 die 22

Courtney: ‘A born runner always gets shorter’

Not only is she smiling, but she still looks surprised… to break out her shadow. It seems that she is still waiting for him when he arrives. Lucky Luke American Radical: It’s hard not to talk about the princess DauwalterIt looks pretty much beyond expectations. 11And Zero point (Lambert-Santelli would be 1 minute ahead), Dawalter just put 30 minutes over in his 2019 score, and 20 minutes to score for Caroline Chaverot (2016 – 15h02’13’). I get 20, I keep 1, I put 3 + restraint and… well. 2:40:35 p.m. We’re rewriting the Wikipedia page. 1h30 Behind us we find Audrey Tangy (16h15’17 ”) which does not decrease: 2And During the entire race except for Mrs. Dauwalter’s presence at the start of the race (and again, only one result). Favorite this season, the Frenchman before others in person Catherine gotz (CH-3And at 16h39’11”) and another … tricolor, Marilyn Discussion (4And at 16h56’06’).

4 die 22Matthew Blanchard, Towards Infinity and May. Then June. Then…

MIUT 85: Thomas Evans and Kelly Wolff, the blues in commando… and even Lou Sacks

The 85K was nothing short of a straw, but Kelly Wolf (USA – 10h58’54”) and Thomas Evans (GB – 8h46’35”) They confirmed their favourite. It’s clear the blues have been appreciating the event ever since Thomas BelaboudAnd Nicholas Gordon And Damian Boston end 2And4And and 5And (The top 15 is illuminated in blue). remigio HumanQuisby He’s already made himself known and signed a great 3And Peru Square. On the female side, the same preferred presence with Camila Spanish (IT) and French Emlin I wanted. for tea Christopher The salts, what I say? severely damaged coast and complete crossing of the Canaries (7) and 90K legs in less than 7 days; Here’s Episode 15And Zero point and 1Verse of its class. There are disparities in front of DNA, like that.

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MIUT 60: Noel Giordano, Sheila Aviles…even Luis Alberto

Louis Jade Hernando. And here again, the paths of genetics are impenetrable: anecdotal? particle. The multi-nicknamed Spaniard ends 6And At 6h34’39”, 31′ of the French winner Christmas Giordano – cocorico (6h03’19”), V45 class. Oh, Louis. Adrian Nisky (gear) and Steven Kirsch (US) Expect a great thrill that ends less than a minute after Giordano, 30” separated! Mario Fonseca takes 4And Put in front of three other colors, Jeremy you can see me. no, Sheila Aviles Not just a sky or a (super) coach Insta: The Spanish 7And Zero Point wins at 6h39’27’, competing against two gold/silver French ladies – again! I got marriedLuraTheo And Melanie finish. With 4 athletes in the top 10, we note the strong performance of the thriving adidas Terrex team.

5 die 22


As is often the case, the MIUT Marathon is popular with locals, but the Frenchman still does well. luicRobert Al-Taibani wins at 3h18’03”, Moritz Auf der Hyde Thai (Error : German) and compatriot Marcel Hoche Follow at 13 minutes. La chauvinism, not on April 23, 2022, but the numbers and the flavor of Curaçao (in blue, what): Laxte, Rosé, Guillermo, Borette End 5/6/7/10And. private label? blue white red. Germany retains control with Kim Schreiber in gold (4h09’02”), followed by Pabroca (pee) , Atmosphere (PT) and a Portuguese group.

MIUT 16: TURCO and REMILLON, two aliens in a national race

Two notes: No, there is no small sweat. And MIUT 16K is still strongly patriotic. You had to be on the side of the road to see the madness of the crowd. 16 kilos! So when an American with a Hispanic-Byzantine title wins, there’s air. Fortunately, we are talking about sports: Nicholas Turco (USA – 1h07’10”) opens the Portuguese show that the French will slip into Arn Remellon (5And at 1h20’45’). at 1h23’01”, Luisa Freitas He honors his country and is ahead of… the blue one Eugenie Richard And I Afonso (PT).

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