“I will live in the Eiffel Tower and I will go to parachute training,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic said best

“I will live in the Eiffel Tower and I will go to parachute training,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic said best

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the established master of the shocking phrase, bid farewell to world football on Sunday night. A chance to recall some famous regret lines.

On Sunday evening, Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced his retirement from sports at the age of 41. With tears in his eyes, his throat knotted, not only is he a formidable footballer who bids Giuseppe Meazza on the pitch, he’s also a colorful figure to bow down to, a big-hearted and slightly selfish provocateur to us with his piercing lines throughout his amazing career.

Latest, you will be remembered by Hellas Verona

The Swede could not leave the big stage without one final blow. The last match of his carrière se jouait dans un stade all entier acquis à sa cause, devant ses coéquipiers, tout aussi émus que lui, a l’image de Sandro Tonali, mais les supporters de l’equipe visiteuse ont also tout tenté for gâcher the moment. Boos descended from the visitors’ court, inspiring Ibrahimović to take this heartfelt outing: “Whistle, whistle! Watching me is the greatest moment of your year.” effective.

Ibra praises Raiola in his own way (which is really funny)

In the last press conference of his career as a player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was thinking of his former agent Mino Raiola, who died in April 2022: “With him, I shared everything, in and out of football. Football has never been the same” to me since his death. […] If it was still there, I’d keep playing. He wanted his commissions […] Sorry Mino, but it’s true. “Tasty.

Cristiano Ronaldo, this “distinguished spectator”

We go back in time this time. It’s 2012, and Lionel Messi has just been crowned Ballon d’Or for the fourth year in a row, much to the chagrin of his Portuguese rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t appeared on the podium, he’s just made it into the top 10, but the Swede can’t help but take issue with CR7, describing the Lusitan forward as “an outstanding spectator, always in the front row to see Messi take home the trophies”.

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Ibrahimovic and France, ‘I don’t like you both’

At a time when the question arises about the impact Messi will leave in the history of Paris Saint-Germain, Parisian fans could not help but compare him to the passage of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in recent days. And for many, the positive impact of the Swede on the club’s results is disproportionate to the impact of his seven Ballon d’Ors. The master of the Parisian dressing room of his day, Ibrahimovic was quick to mark his territory. “I don’t know L1 very well, but L1 knows who I am (…) I’m going to live in the Eiffel Tower and go to parachute training,” he announced upon his arrival in July 2012.

The Swede had already shown his intentions, and left four years later with the same claim: “I arrive as a king, and leave as a legend,” he exclaimed with his usual modesty when announcing his departure. A few months ago, he gave another typical confirmation of his record: “I put Sweden on the world football map. I also did it for France. I’m happy.” Meanwhile, the Parisian fans had plenty of time to appreciate the Swedish striker’s response: “We win, we lose and they blow the whistle. They were probably eating caviar before we came on.” […] They ask a lot. Strange considering what they had in the past. Because before they had nothing.

Back to watching baseball.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes care of his exit, as usual, in 2019. When he leaves Major League Soccer, the Swede is no longer king, he grants himself the status of emperor. “I came, I saw, I conquered, I brag on social networks. Thank you LA Galaxy for making me feel alive again. For Galaxy fans, you wanted Zlatan, you gave Zlatan. You’re welcome. Story continues…Now I’m back to watch some baseball “. He ends up with a little shovel, which he can’t help, like a kid who likes to ignore his parents’ notes.

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Zlatan does not take the test

The Swede is built on challenge, a personality trait that stems in part from a difficult childhood in a poor neighborhood of Malmö, where he had to struggle and work hard to emerge as a talent of an international dimension. Hence this rebellious side, self-confident and his ability to move mountains. In Sweden, the championship became too small for his broad shoulders. The giant is courted by large stables. Before landing at Ajax, then at Inter, Arsenal were interested in him: “Arsene Wenger didn’t make me a serious offer. It was more: ‘I want to see if you’re really good, what kind of player you are.'” Try it I couldn’t believe it and said: no way. Zlatan does not try.

“Caro? What does he do with the ball, I do with the orange?”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not pass the test, and beware of anyone who at the time dared to compare him with the former Lyonnais John Carew, who was later talked about in the colors of the Valencia club. Nothing impresses the Swede: “What he does with the ball, I do with the orange.”

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